Breaking the “Glass Ceiling” and Helping Women Succeed in Business: Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a role model for women who want to break the glass ceiling. Her successful career as a consultant for a male-dominated company provides the proof that women can succeed in whatever they do. McGalla’s background is interesting. Her father and two brothers actively encourage her to push boundaries that most women are afraid to cross. She knows that she can count on them to not mollycoddle her and give her information she needs to do her job.

McGalla’s expertise is in the fashion industry. She has worked for American Eagle Outfitters and WetSeal on a number of marketing campaigns. She started her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, as a way to capitalize on her experience as a marketing professional. American Eagle Outfitters did provide McGalla with the tools she needed to make it on her own. One of her biggest challenges was pushing through the stigma associated with women working in a male-dominated industry.

Breaking the glass ceiling isn’t easy. There are many obstacles to overcome. McGalla’s pluck and determination are what has helped her overcome some of these obstacles. McGalla understands that there are going to be men that feel threatened by her tenacity to get the job done. She also understands that it does take support from like-minded women to truly succeed in business.

McGalla has had some successes. Her biggest accomplishment was becoming President and Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters. This is considered a big accomplishment because American Eagle Outfitters had only male executives on staff. Her experience at WetSeal cemented the skills she acquired at American Eagle. She was then able to take that experience and use it to start her own consulting business.

Challenges are part of life. McGalla realizes that meeting challenge does take strength and flexibility. It is important to understand that you can’t just sit and wait for things to happen. McGalla proves every day that you must take action and assert yourself. It also takes creativity and determination to move forward and strive to be the best you can be. McGalla reflects that her upbringing helped.

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What made Michel Terpins such an enigma?

The Sertoes rally is one of the most exciting sporting events in Brazil, and this is for a reason. Fans from all over the country are able to come together and have the time of there lives as they watch man and machine enter into a battle of skill and tact. This has made Brazilian elite rally drivers some of the most followed and looked up to people from the sports arena. The rally has over its twenty-five editions attracted numerous new drivers as have the number of categories that are part of the rally. The rally usually takes the drivers through a number of cities and states ensuring that fans can get a holistic feel of the event and as for a rally circuit that usually covers over 3000 kilometers in every edition spreading the route over numerous places serves it well. One of the most followed drivers is Michel Terpins, for most, he is an enigma having come from the cross country championship and transitioned quite smooth to become one of the best competitors in the T1 prototype category. He left the Brazilian cross country championship when he was at his peak, and this would only add to the mystery of a man who is greatly admired by his fans. Driving the T-Rex #322 has made him easy to recognize this stemming from the fact that he has been consistent on car and category. Over the various editions of the Sertoes rally, he has been able to transform his driving style from a conservative approach to one of an aggressive nature geared towards results. He transformed himself well since joining rallying and was able to attract sponsors and admirers as easily as he did when he was the cross country champion something that most others would have struggled with. This is what makes him a unique driver. Michel Terpins is also passionate about environmental conservation, and this has been seen by him constantly embracing the green initiative’s carbon-free sticker. The sticker is a sign of willingness by the driver to recognize the impact of rallying on the environment and ability to do something about it.

Southridge LLC and Structured Finance Help

Southridge LLC is a high-quality financial firm that calls the East Coast of the United States its home. It has one location in Connecticut and another in New York. Both branches specialize in the management of funds. The agency has been influential in the financial field for two decades. Its executive crew has developed financial techniques that boost peoples’ grasps of how the monetary world functions. Its structured finance specialists have focused on substantial direct investments since back in the nineties. The team at Southridge LLC has contributed to the financing of more than 250 public entities so far. This has provided its staff with a deep and distinctive comprehension of all the predicaments that are typical among expanding businesses. Southridge’s employees can offer guidance that relates to the majority of corporate matters. The talented people who work for Southridge include Stephen M. Hicks, Linda Carlsen, Henry B. Sargent, Lawrence J. Ditkoff and Narine Persaud. Hicks takes care of strategic components. Carlsen handles portfolio management. Sargent tackles the structuring of deals. Ditkoff manages all kinds of investment assessments. Persaud takes on cash management and fund accounting duties. Needless to say, the team members at Southridge LLC all have plenty of things on their plates each day.

Clients that are searching tirelessly for top-tier advisory guidance can get behind Southridge. Southridge Capital offers a good number of useful and practical advisory options to clients. Clients can depend on the firm for help that involves balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy and restructuring. You can visit

Southridge LLC is a structured finance powerhouse, too. It specializes in first-rate securitization work. Firms that require capital frequently make the decision to reach out to the agency. The employees at Southridge can provide clients with strong capital assets insight. You can visit their website

Credit strengthening is yet another big specialty that’s provided by this business. Clients that want information that involves liquidities, debt management and beyond can depend on the firm’s exceptionally hard-working individuals. People who want to get in touch with the company can rely on social media platforms. Southridge is accessible through Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. It even has a YouTube account.

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Bob Reina: I’d Love To Work For Him

Bob Reina is the kind of CEO and boss that I would love to work for because he challenges people to be the best person they can be, each and every single day. He believes people are capable of great things. He sees things in people they might not even see in themselves. That is how talented, gifted, and special he is, and it is why he is the type of person that is really gaining ground as the founder of Talk Fusion, the video communications company that has everyone talking. Communication is a great thing, and it is something the world needs more of, quite frankly. When people communicate, they understand each other better and they get on the same page. Learn more:


It leads to fewer misunderstandings, less confusion, and less headaches. So often in life, people don’t know how to communicate with each other and they don’t know how to do it in a civil way. It is why Bob Reina is so happy he won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. To Bob Reina, it represents everything he wants the company to stand for and everything he believes in with the company. The company is all about bringing people together instead of dividing them.


It also leads, of course, to solutions, which are always something the world needs more of when it comes to problems. People need to have solutions when problems arise and they are on the horizon. When they are there, they need to step up to the plate and face them head on as opposed to running from them. Too often, people are afraid of conflict, but it can be a good thing when it is done the right way. The Talk Fusion way is to open up the lines of communication, get people talking, and have them understand where someone is coming from and what is going on inside their heads.


Between their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, the days of people misunderstanding each other will be long gone. They will be on the same page, and they will know exactly what someone is thinking and feeling about a particular topic. There will not be anything left to chance. This is the way Bob Reina envisioned it when he left behind his life as a police officer. He loved that job and it did a lot for him, but he realized he wanted to do something more with his life.


He saw other doors that were calling his name and another job that was perfect for him, which was Talk Fusion. He was made to do this, and it has Bob Reina written all over it, which is a great thing because his name carries a lot of positivity with it.

Class Dojo Is Setting New Standards For Quality Educational Tools

Class Dojo is a relatively young company in the world of education and it was developed to create a higher level of communication in schools between all parties as communication has been majorly absent for decades. Students and parents are able to stay connected better than ever before with Class Dojo, allowing teachers to keep parents informed all of the time without the need for meetings and teacher conferences. While there are many educational apps and platforms out there, none of them approached the market with communication as a focus. The simple design of Class Dojo allows it to be easily accessed by anyone, parent or child, which makes it easy for parents to stay up to date with their child’s progress at all times.

Instructors are able to constantly monitor the progress of their students through the app and keep an eye on what is posted to the Class Dojo board all the time. Videos, pictures, stories, and anything else that is posted to the board is monitored by the classroom teacher.

The majority of teachers that have given Class Dojo a try have complimented it for being easy to use and making a serious impact on communication. More than ever, instructors are able to keep their students engaged and enjoying their school activities. Thanks to the research and care of Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, both of which traveled around speaking to teachers on their concerns about schooling, the duo co-founded Class Dojo. Sam and Liam noticed that many students felt as if they were left behind or alone in their learning and they wanted to fix this issue. With Class Dojo, students are able to receive the proper support from their parents and instructors on a regular basis.

Class Dojo has found their way into schools all over the United States as well as many countries around the world. Class Dojo first launched with their services being free to everyone, and they have remained true to that original vision that education should not cost money to be acceptable or enjoyable. With a simple interface that is compatible with most devices, there is no better time to get started with Class Dojo. Student or parent can ask their classroom teacher for an invitation to get in on the positive community building platform.

David Giertz Explains How Critical It Is For Advisers And Clients To Talk About Social Security

David Giertz is a financial expert who has worked as both a financial adviser and executive in the financial industry for more than 30 years. He earned his undergraduate degree at Millikin University and at the University of Miami he graduated with an Executive MBA. Several times in his career he has addressed how important it is for financial advisers to talk about social security with their clients, especially in the current day where most people don’t retire with a pension.

In an interview, David Giertz pointed to research to back up his thoughts about social security. He said the research shows that if a client feels like their adviser avoids talking about social security they’re perfectly ok finding someone else to help them. So, if an adviser wants to keep their clients they need to talk about social security, he says.

He also says that clients really do need help navigating social security because it really is incredibly complicated even among such things you would think are simple like when to start drawing on it. He says that each client has individual needs and goals that need to be addressed by a really good adviser so that they don’t make mistakes they come to regret.

David Giertz spent most of his career to this point working for Nationwide Financial, including as a president. For a time he led their sales and distribution department and during his tenure the revenue increased from $11 billion to $17.8 billion per year. He was responsible for the strategy and products that the company sold through third parties like independent brokers and dealers. The products he oversaw included life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, and retirement plans.

Throughout his career, David Giertz has given back to the communities in which he lives and works. For example, he once served as the chair of the board of trustees for Millikin University, the college he got his undergraduate degree at. He also helped out the Broward County Girl Scouts organization by serving on their board of directors. Additionally, while living there he was on the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

White Shark Media’s Testimonials Say It All

White Shark Media is a professional Internet marketing agency that works specifically on helping brands across the globe to better improve their Google Adwords rankings. In a world where it’s difficult to rank on Google for natural and short phrase keywords, pay per click advertising it the #1 way to go in the online world. Search rankings can help market the brand effectively, but to be able to beat them using paid ads, you can be seen by more people and be considered the #1 choice. White Shark Media helps make this a possibility for you if you want to grow your brand and make more money with quality advertising.

Their reviews prove that they are a stellar company. They are a results-driven ad agency working towards helping you reach your goals. For those of you who want to garner more leads, there are customers who have seen that happen. Some are experiencing more than 70 percent increase in their revenue and others are seeing up to 200+ leads per month just from this source. Any industry looking to better market their brand can utilize White Shark Media to get their brand in front of all the right people.

White Shark Media is very professional in the sense that they want you to see results with your brand and your company. They want to look for ways to better shape your brand for the future. White Shark Media is very progressive and they love to be proactive with how they do business. Their testimonials are glowing and showcase how much they want to continue searching for new ways that work and provide actual potential. White Shark Media is very well respected for what they can offer, and working with them guarantees potential growth and seeing results fast with your company no matter what.

How The Trabuco Changed Warfare

If you were to think of warfare in the Middle Ages, the long sieges on castles often come to mind. The Trabuco was the weapon of choice for warriors in the Middle Ages who wished to bring sieges to an end quickly. As an adaption of the catapult, the Trabuco was more sophisticated and better able to throw items that were larger and heavier.

The Trabuco was first used by the Chinese as early as 400 B.C. according to They were also the first to not only use the Trabuco as a tool to throw heavy objects such as rocks, but they created biological warfare when they utilized the Trabuco to throw bodies of people who had died from infectious diseases into the cities they were attacking. Around 1,000 years later, in 600 A.D, Europeans began using the Trabuco in their wars, first by the Vikings and later even adopted by the French and British in their Crusades according to

The name Trabuco is derived from the Spanish/Catalonian word trabuc which means catapult. The original form of this weapon was the traction Trabuco, but soon adaptations were made and the balancing Trabuco was created. This weapon could sling items up to 140 pounds as far as 80 meters. As a weapon, the Trabuco was useful not only in throwing items over castle walls but in breaking down the walls of the castle as well. Seeing a Trabuco coming up on a fortified city was sure to strike fear into the hearts of those trapped inside.

Although weaponry has advanced immensely in the 1,000 years since the Middle Ages, it is easy to see that the Trabuco was a useful tool before the advent of guns and other modern weapons. The ability to end sieges and claim lands gave rulers such as Richard the Lionheart of England access to spoils of war and new lands. In more than one war, the Trabuco changed the course of history.


How Fabletics is Taking on Bigger Online Retailers and Winning

Fabletics, the athletics leisurewear company known for its subscription model, is taking on much larger and more established retailers and sales seem to indicate that they are winning. The brand, fronted by actress Kate Hudson, is using modern and innovative strategies to continue to grow even as other brands have trouble keeping pace. The largest online retailer for women’s clothing currently is Amazon, a difficult company to compete with given their popularity and rock bottom prices. However the impressive growth Fabletics has shown suggests that women are beginning to trust them just as much.


One of the tactics that Fabletics has done best is called reverse showrooming. The term showrooming is a fairly new one that originated a few years ago, when retailers began seeing a new trend. Consumers would go to physical locations to see products or perhaps try on garments, but leave empty handed and actually purchase the items they like online, where they can find better prices. By maintaining only a few physical stores and keeping prices the same in store and online, and adding items tried on in the store directly to the online cart, Fabletics is able to avoid the issue of showrooming.


Another smart tactic by the brand was partnering with Kate Hudson. Although she had little background in business, Hudson was a perfect choice to represent Fabletics. Her approachable, laid back style and image speaks to the target consumer for the brand. As a working mom as well as a stylish celebrity, Hudson gives the brand authenticity. Unlike some of the other brands celebrities partner with, consumers find it easy to believe that Hudson actually wears the clothes and enjoys them.


To get started with Fabletics, users can go to the website and take the lifestyle quiz. By answering a few questions, the system will help them choose the right clothing for them. Once this is done, users can have an outfit that matches their preferences sent directly to their home. These specially chosen outfits arrive on a monthly basis, making it easy for workout enthusiasts to get comfy, stylish gear without having to go shopping.

How The Republican Tax Bill Will Hurt Middle Class Families

The PAC End Citizens United, based in Washington D.C., released a statement about the recently passed tax bill that was only supported by Republicans. President Tiffany Muller stated that the only people getting a Christmas gift from the Republican party in regards to the tax bill was their mega-donors who stand to profit handsomely. She pointed out how shameful it is that this bill passed and it once again showed how politics in Washington D.C. are rigged in favor of the very well connected wealthiest people in the nation. This rigged system has resulted in far too many politicians who only care about the special interests of these wealthy people.

The tax bill that was passed is going to very much hurt middle and lower class families which makes up the vast majority of the country. The only way to hold the politicians that voted yes on this tax bill is to take action in the 2018 elections and hold them accountable by voting them out of office.

End Citizen’s United created a “Big Money 20” list which shows exactly who is mostly just a puppet for special interests. 17 of the 20 on their list voted for this tax bill. That 17 incumbents had received $11.7 million to vote yes on the bill from wealthy special interests. They also voted against efforts to unrig the current system when they voted against reforming the system.

The “Big MOney 20” is End Citizen’s United’s biggest targets in the upcoming midterm 2018 elections. This PAC aims to raise $35 million from small donors which they will spend in order to throw these incumbents out of office. They are supporting their opponents who have pledged to unrig the system and return to listening to the average citizen of the United States and not just those like the Koch brothers.

The main goal of End Citizen’s United is to reform the rules surrounding campaign financing. The amount of money being given to some politicians by corporations wealthy people has gotten completely out of hand since the Supreme Court rules in 2010 that they have a free speech right to spend as much as they want. Ever since they have been buying politicians to do their bidding and ignore what their constituents want.

End Citizens United maintains a very active Facebook page. On it they share political news and their views on them. They also make posts showing which Democratic candidates they are backing around the country. One post lists their event taking place February 2-4 in New Orleans. The event is called the “Unrig the System Summit”. It is taking place on the campus of Tulane University and tickets can be bought through their Facebook page.

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