Creating, Editing and Despamming Wikipedia Pages

There was a time when almost every house across this country had a least one set of encyclopedia, a dictionary, and possibly a thesaurus occupying the family bookshelf. Then along came the internet, and life and home libraries were changed forever.

Today, Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of yesteryear. A seemingly infinite source of information is instantly available at the touch of a few keystrokes.

All is not perfect with this picture, of course. Professional writers, scholars and experienced experts created the printed reference books of old. Editors checked their work to correct errors of fact. When printed and released to the public, these books were deemed to present the truth.

In today’s world of instant Wikipedia information, anyone can edit, change, or delete information. Even with careful screening by tens of thousands of Wikipedia volunteers, erroneous information still makes its way onto this Wikipedia creation service.

The fact is, anybody with access to a computer can write and publish their own Wikipedia pages regardless of the truth or facts. As long as a page title is not already in use, the information is added by simply entering the desired text to a blank page and clicking the button labeled save page.

Unfortunately, the editing process for a Wikipedia article is just as simple. This unchecked access to existing Wikipedia pages draws the heaviest criticism questioning the accuracy of online information. Though Wikipedia staff and volunteers editors constantly review edited pages for accuracy, too often the erroneous data remains online.

Adding citations to Wikipedia pages in order to show referenced sources is a more complicated process. Numerous citation formats and rigid rules need to be followed. Determining the proper placement on the page is only one step in the process. Contributors desiring to add citations to a page should always refer to Wikipedia for the proper guidelines.

Spamming, defined as the inappropriate addition of links or information for the explicit purpose to promote links or ideas or spreading false information, is a continuing problem with Wikipedia. If spamming is detected, you have three options: edit the page using the edit process, report it to Wikipedia, or delete the erroneous information yourself.

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