Adam Milstein Visited Europe’s Concentration Camps

Gila and Adam Milstein went to the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland with 100 American scholars and philanthropists to learn more about the Holocaust. They learned about the inhumane conditions that Jews and Gypsies had to suffer in. They visited mass graves in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, where Nazi firing squads killed thousands of people. They went to the Rumbula Forest Memorial to commemorate the 2.4 million Jews killed by neighbors in the hidden Holocaust.

Many are unaware that the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany could happen in America. The “Never Again” slogan should become a mindset and an action plan. The Holocaust was the result of discrimination, intimidation, and systemic racism. Europe had anti-Semitism for a long time. The Nazis used the hatred to marginalize the Jewish people and conduct history’s largest genocide. Over 400 decrees and regulations boycotted, delegitimize, and sanctioned Jews’ lives. The dehumanization led the public to agree with the final solution.

Adam Milstein says anti-Semitism has increased in America and Europe among the radical left, the radical right, and the radical Muslims. Jeremy Corbyn, with the help of the radical leftists and radical Islamists, has ignored and espoused anti-Semitism. Radical right figures in Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, and other places have denied the Holocaust. European officials placed on the blame on Germany, without placing any on their countries’ leaders who collaborated with them. Poland recently outlawed the use of the phrase “Polish death camps.” One of Germany’s parliament parties claimed the Holocaust was a “small spec of bird poop” compared to their long glorious history.

Adam Milstein says that when people don’t fight against anti-Semitism, they help it become mainstream. World powers did nothing to help the Jews during World War II. Jews should use the power they have now to fight back, before they lose it. Support Israel as a safe haven in times of crisis. The country accepted survivors of the Holocaust and those that were threatened by various governments.

Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel accompanied Gila and Adam Milstein to Auschwitz. The past tragedies should be turned into future lessons.

What made Michel Terpins such an enigma?

The Sertoes rally is one of the most exciting sporting events in Brazil, and this is for a reason. Fans from all over the country are able to come together and have the time of there lives as they watch man and machine enter into a battle of skill and tact. This has made Brazilian elite rally drivers some of the most followed and looked up to people from the sports arena. The rally has over its twenty-five editions attracted numerous new drivers as have the number of categories that are part of the rally. The rally usually takes the drivers through a number of cities and states ensuring that fans can get a holistic feel of the event and as for a rally circuit that usually covers over 3000 kilometers in every edition spreading the route over numerous places serves it well. One of the most followed drivers is Michel Terpins, for most, he is an enigma having come from the cross country championship and transitioned quite smooth to become one of the best competitors in the T1 prototype category. He left the Brazilian cross country championship when he was at his peak, and this would only add to the mystery of a man who is greatly admired by his fans. Driving the T-Rex #322 has made him easy to recognize this stemming from the fact that he has been consistent on car and category. Over the various editions of the Sertoes rally, he has been able to transform his driving style from a conservative approach to one of an aggressive nature geared towards results. He transformed himself well since joining rallying and was able to attract sponsors and admirers as easily as he did when he was the cross country champion something that most others would have struggled with. This is what makes him a unique driver. Michel Terpins is also passionate about environmental conservation, and this has been seen by him constantly embracing the green initiative’s carbon-free sticker. The sticker is a sign of willingness by the driver to recognize the impact of rallying on the environment and ability to do something about it.