Pleasure Equals Profit

Stephen Williams, founder of The Antique Wine Company, found that work should not always be about suffering through the week to get to a relaxing weekend. Instead, he found that work can, and should, be something one cares deeply about.

After leaving his position selling life assurance policies for whatever commission he could pull in, he decided to do something that usually brought him relaxation at the end of a busy selling day; wine. That is, at the end of a long day, Williams would find himself at a friend or neighbors house, tasting and talking about wine.

With that, Mr. Williams must have had some thought as to how he can turn his passion into something not only profitable, but exciting as well. He had seen from an early age what hard work looks like. He was raised by a single mother who often worked part time jobs just to keep her family together. With that experience, and a passion for wine, Stephen Williams was able to start a luxury wine company that is now 25 years in the making.

This isn’t just a small business anymore either. With a headquarters in Central London and two sales offices in Asia, Mr. Williams turned a dream spawned at wine tastings to one on an international level. This is what hard work and perseverance looks like.

The thought of starting a business that becomes as successful as AWC seems like something of a fairy tale, but it doesn’t stop there for Stephen Williams. In 2011, The Antique Wine Company set a world record for the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold. At £75,000, Mr. Williams can not only say his business is doing well, but he can also sit back with a smile, knowing that The Antique Wine Company will not be going away anywhere in the near future.