Newswatch T.V. A Great Ensurer

News watch TV in award-winning television show. The show focuses on displaying technology consumer and entertainment items that companies want promoted. News watch TV has won the gold and platinum 2017 Markham award for their show and many other Awards. 2016 silver Telly Award and was nominated for another as well. overall this show seems to do its job well and there are many examples of their work.

Avanca is a company that works with Newswatch on a product review. Avanca when I help promoting their Uncle Sirius B pocket PC. Prior to working with the news watch they had a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help receive funding. they wanted to meet a goal of $10,000 and a 30-day which can be a daunting task. To ensure success Avanca hired Newswatch TV to do what they do best. Bedrooms wants to produce a 1-minute promotional segment on their show to promote the new product. They wanted to ensure that they reached the most people possible. the segment what’s the air on both the news watch national television show and the online component to their Channel as well. News watch TV have a great reputation for promotion and product reviews and Avanca knew this from the get-go.

The results from the promotion and campaign was exactly as Avanca wanted them to be. The Indiegogo campaign was very successful. they raised over $400,000 in the 30 days. And surpass their goal by 2939 percent. almost 30 times more money than they expected. the news watch TV segment along with the crowdfunding project was the perfect combination. the surgeon was seen in over 200 markets and over 95 million homes throughout the U.S. The online reception was great as well as a receipt over 1 million online reactions. in the future Avanca will continue to work with Newswatch.