BBC to Fire Clarkson

A BBC internal investigation found that 54-year-old Jeremy Clarkson did attack a producer of the show Top Gear, Oisin Tymon, after he was told that their hotel, the Simonstone Hall hotel, could not serve him steak and chips because it was no longer serving hot food for the day. The BBC originally reported the event as a “fracas” between Clarkson and Tymon, but the investigation revealed that Clarkson verbally attacked Tymon for almost 20 minutes and then physically attacked him.

Fans of the show are happy to have learned that Top Gear will not be permanently removed from BBC2 because of this incident although that was one of the changes under consideration after the current season’s final episodes were pulled from the programming schedule. Insiders now claim that the host of Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Chris Evans, may take over Clarkson’s role on Top Gear if the lawyers can approve his appointment.

BBC’s Director General, Lord Hall, will not be firing Clarkson without recognizing his many years of hard work on the show and thanking him for helping to make Top Gear as popular as it has become. The incident has merely been the last straw after Clarkson had been previously warned for similar behavior, such as using discriminatory and racist language in Top Gear episodes, over a dozen times.

It is unknown if James May and Richard Hammond will decide to stay on the show or leave with Clarkson.