Jason Hope Foresees The Internet Of Things As Our Best Future

For Arizona entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope, the Internet of Things is not just the wave of the future, it is the future. With the Internet of Things, the net isn’t just something that we log into with our computers or smartphones, it is also our coffee maker being able to communicate with our fridge and our smartphone to coordinate our lives and make our mornings run even more smoothly.

Hope has written extensively on the subject, explaining that as people become more and more accustomed to having their individual devices synch with one another, businesses
and consumers will become increasingly reliant on that technology. Therefore companies, individuals and governments are going to have to focus on making those investments now in order to avoid playing catch-up later on. Hope has said that the Internet of Things’ focus on utility, both for urban and rural areas, has the power to fundamentally change our daily lives, making them safer and more efficient.

An Arizona native, Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

His reputation as a futurist has been earned through his extensive knowledge of technology and business, and how the two are likely to interact in the future. Some of those predictions, such as homes where the lighting and temperatures are run by smart devices, are coming true already in 2017 and he sees that trend growing and developing as they become the norm for society.

The Career Of The Successful Technology Entrepreneur, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful businesspersons. He has extensive knowledge in government projects and the lucrative enterprise technology. Renowned venture capital groups have funded the various companies that he has established and co-established. Throughout his professional life as an entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has helped different companies establish their operations in the market. He created his initial business while still in high school. It was a database computer company. He started programming computers when he was in the fourth grade.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Eric Pulier lived in Teaneck, New Jersey. It was here that he developed interests in programming computers. After completing high school, Pulier joined the esteemed Harvard University. Here, he majored in English and American Literature. Additionally, he served as the editor of The Harvard Crimson. He also graduated from MIT with the highest honors in 1988.

After graduating, Eric Pulier built People Doing Things, a company that use technology to address multiple issues, including education and healthcare. In 1994, Eric Pulier formed Digital Evolution. In 1998, the interactive agency amalgamated with U.S. Interactive LLC. He played an integral role in the development of Starbright World. The private social network enables sick children to meet others living with similar condition by chatting, blogging, and posting content.

Eric Pulier has raised millions of dollars for the firms that he is affiliated with. These ventures include Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Desktone, U.S. Interactive, Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, and ServiceMesh. He has also invested in charitable organizations and venture capital funds such as Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital and eCompnaies. Eric Pulier is also a major investor in seed level startups. Majority of these startups in the technology and media industry. A large number of them are operating as going concerns.

In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee selected Eric to execute The Bridge to the 21st Century, a presidential technology exhibition, which was held in Washington D.C. After successfully creating the exhibition, Eric Pulier participated in the health care and technology forum initiated by the former vice president, Al Gore. He advised on various technological concerns. As an active philanthropist, Eric Pulier has been involved in many noble causes. He sits on the X-Prize Foundation’s innovation board.

For more information please visit http://ericpulier.com