Relief Found After Olympic Valley Incorporation Withdraws Efforts

The last four years have been tough for the Squaw Valley Resort officials and the north shore communities. They’ve endured some pretty difficult situations and circumstances from weather to political incorporations. The drought played a significant role in the outcome of the last four years. The traffic slowed down at the resort and it became hard to maintain a lot of the activities because of the weather. Luckily, they have recently experienced some relief in the weather when and early snow storm decided to make its way to the area. With some much needed moisture and cold weather, the resort was able to open early making some skier’s and the Squaw Valley staff very happy. They’ve also been pursued by a political incorporation that has raised some serious stress on the north shore communities along with CEO Andy Wirth. They have announced that they have recently withdrawn their efforts from the Lake Tahoe community providing some good news for Andy Wirth and the north shore communities. He felt that the political incorporation and their constant efforts of opposition were only a recipe for disaster, and raising taxes among the community wasn’t necessarily the answer to solve some of the ongoing problems. Thankfully, things are starting to look up,

As a Colorado State University graduate, Andy Wirth began his career at the Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Colorado. As a German native, he made his way to the United States at a young age, but exhibits many years of experience in the world of resorts and historical parks. His family was also involved when he was just a young boy, Andy is very much so an active environmentalist and active community member. He has always been able to see the good in helping out the environment and making it a better place for everybody of all ages. He is the survivor of a near fatal ski accident that resulted in real change of life for him. He started the Wounded Warrior Foundation after surviving his accident to thank the Navy SEALS for everything that they do, which is a lot. It is set up to support the NAVY Seals when they return home from duty to be with their families.

There are some exciting improvements in store for the Squaw Valley Resort. One of them being a gondola that is set to be built connecting the two beautiful resorts together. It will allow the winter activities to be easily shared between the two so they can get back and forth from one resort to the other. This is a tremendous improvement that many skier’s will find useful.

Wirth realizes the divisive comments that have come between the political incorporation and himself, and hopes that they can all work together for the good of the community.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal