Villanova Grad’s Love for Lacrosse and His New Environment Campaign

He is an entrepreneur and a former lacrosse professional athlete. He is also the director of the privately owned company, Ellipse USA and Co-Founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camps. The Colorado based camp, regularly holds annual events to impact knowledge to budding lacrosse players across the state.

At Ellipse USA, Jon Urbana oversees business development and marketing programs for the company’s laser and IPL technologies. Since its establishment in 1997, Ellipse has built an international reputation for developing impeccable laser and Intense Pulsed Light technology. These devices are used in hair, vascular and pigmented lesion removal as well as treatment of acne and sun-damaged skin and other conditions.

Jon is delighted to be at the forefront of social media, using Facebook and an active Twitter moniker to spread the fast growing game of lacrosse. In 2013, the governing body in charge of men’s and women’s lacrosse in the nation, US Lacrosse estimated the number of athletes who played lacrosse to be in the region of 750,000. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp was founded by Urbana in 2011 as a premier lacrosse organization of choice for Colorado youths. Jon’s core duty at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is train Colorado athletes on various lacrosse skills and personalized guidance regarding best gaming practices and techniques, where he’s posted a contact form at a personal website he maintains.

During his college years (see some TBT pics on Instagram), Jon was a prominent player for the Villanova Wildcats. Some of the awards, he won previously won as player includes the CAA Defensive Player of the year and a mention in the prestigious Tewaaraton Award Watch list.

Jon Urbana graduated from Villanova University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. He also holds an Airmen Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration and is an active member of the Executives and Business Leaders Network. He writes on WordPress and uploads some nice videos when he has time. Here’s our favorite:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana is currently running a new GoFundMe fundraiser with an ambitious goal to raise funds to support the environmental advocacy group, Earth Force Inc. The organization’s core activities include mobilizing youths to become activists and active participants in various environmental improvement causes. is today a leading online, crowd funding resource that offers several advantages, including; provision of mobile friendly campaign platforms and fair policies on running campaigns.

Entrepreneurship is the Lifeblood of Growth


Entrepreneurs are essential in any economy because they provide the innovation and drive that a country needs to grow organically. Nowhere is the impact of entrepreneurs more apparent than within Silicon Valley in the United States. Silicon Valley has been an incubator for start ups from Facebook to Google and countless others (Apple calls Silicon Valley home as well). But if you rewind the story from the mature company stage you will find that the beating heart of innovation can be found in one or more entrepreneurs that have a good idea and the desire to put in the sweat equity to make it a reality.

Marc Sparks is just one example of such an entrepreneur. He currently is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Unistar Financial Service Corporation. As if that wasn’t enough he also serves as a Executive Member on the Compensation Committee. Marc Sparks is a well known entrepreneur in the insurance field. He has founded and led several insurance related corporations that he also owns so he is well aware of what it takes to be competitive in a very crowded, cut throat space like insurance. One of the other big aspects that almost all entrepreneurs have is a diversified stable of talents beyond just one field. They need to be a jack of all trades in many case and Mr. Sparks has that quality in spades as he brings extensive experience to the table in fields such as surety bonding, premium finance, and even investment banking to name a few areas. 

In the past few years, Marc Sparks has been busy managing a litany of different entities that he also owns. A property and casualty insurance companies, multi-location insurance agencies and a nationally recognized surety bonding agency are just a few examples of entities that Mr. Sparks is involved with. You can clearly see the diverse type of portfolio that Mr. Sparks manages which plays to the diverse talent that he exudes. 

Despite the stereotype that entrepreneurs thumb their nose at education and getting credentials, the opposite is true more often than not. Again to use him as an example, Marc Sparks debunks this stereotype. He holds a laundry list of licenses from the Texas Department of Insurance. The certification is as a Managing General Agent, Local Recording Agent and Surplus Lines Agent. The cherry on top is that he also has a Texas Premium Finance license. Of course it goes without saying that Mr. Sparks is certified by the Texas Department of Insurance to own and operate property and casualty insurance companies in Texas.

Marc Sparks is just one example, albeit a glowing one, of what an American entrepreneur looks like. They are passionate, strong leaders of innovation who make the American economy what it is in aggregate and over time. These entrepreneurs need to celebrated, nutured and encouraged.