White Shark Media’s Constructive Complaints System.

Since its establishment in 20122, White Shark Media has carved out its place in the world of digital marketing. When you build a new firm, it takes lots of time to come up with the best customer service. Therefore, it becomes prudent to interact with clients and encourage feedback.

The firm assists medium and startup companies to come up with efficient search engine marketing strategies. They utilize the cost-effective Google Adwords to provide lasting solutions.

Client feedback comes in the form of complaints and compliments. A smart company knows that both contribute to efficient and responsive customer service. However, the persistent return of complaints indicates a failure to adjust in the long run.

White Shark Media prides itself on being able to balance the two constants and construct a seamless platform for all its operations. They have come up with a list of the most common complaints that are addressed their way.

First, clients can at times encounter hurdles follow up on their Adword campaigns. In this case, customers found it hard to access progress reports. Today, clients receive a regular briefing from designated personnel. With this complaint also comes the issue of ineffective communication. Here, White Shark Media admits that communication is the most important function of a consultancy. When a customer feels the communication is not good enough, it presents a call to action for a company.

Such a complaint also affords the company in question the opportunity to streamline its communication strategies. When this happened at White Shark Media, the firm scheduled monthly status reports prepared by marketing strategists attached to every project. They also acquired a teleconferencing tool that allows all stakeholders to go through the developments.

Also, White Shark Media established direct call systems where a customer can communicate with the overseer of their project. A network of communication between these two parties yields desired results. In other cases, projects in existence may be performing poorly as compared to those deployed previously.

The organization notes that a significant challenge presents itself in trying to impress a new customer with successful ad campaigns. In their practice, they have learned to incorporate the successful elements of existing campaigns. This way, positive results can be guaranteed on a proven formula.

Experience forms an integral part of the formulation and management of campaigns. Therefore, every team has strategists that operate under the supervision of an experienced supervisor. The expertise the supervisor offers gives foresight to the entire process. It also receives the backing of the clients.

Lastly, White Shark Media has realized the need to diversify in knowledge and practice so as to be able to advise clients accordingly. One of the areas they have invested in is the training of staff in Search Engine Optimization and other in-demand services. Their workforce, therefore, remains in tune with the changing client needs.

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