The Contributions And Leadership Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions. This Baltimore company specializes in development overseas, acquisitions, asset management, governmental contracting and selling assets in neighborhoods that are financially stressed.

RPS Solutions was founded in 2015 and renovated homes in Baltimore so people buying their first home would have affordable options.

Kevin Seawright feels owning a home is critical for wealth management and will provide declining neighborhoods with stability. One of his friends had a son who was unable to purchase a home because of his budget.

Mr. Seawright gave him the opportunity to purchase a renovated home in Baltimore. The gentleman was thrilled and Mr. Seawright was honored to have been of assistance.

Kevin Seawright is a leader in the financial and administrative fields. He has worked in real estate development, education and local government. He has a reputation for achieving his goals in business, his vision and the ability to command.

He has been using his experience in finances to improve housing and communities on the East Coast for 13 years. His unique style combines outcome efficiency, government operations, the private financial sector and business savvy.

Kevin Seawright is the Vice President of Newark Economic Development. He has completely transformed the process of revenue planning given business strategies an entirely new formula.

He believes in promoting reliability and efficiency in negotiations, management, accounting and finances. His goals regarding strategic planning have been profitable.

Seawright has used technology to increase proficiency and improve the capabilities associated with statistical reporting. He approaches business situations with honesty and maturity and sees the challenges as opportunities.

With his knowledge of general funding on the federal, state and local levels he has developed, led and managed highly professional teams.

Kevin Seawright received an award from Bridges to the Future in 2010. At this time he was a finance and operations professional for Met Life. The outstanding services he has provided along with his professionalism and creativity have caused him to be the recipient of numerous awards.

He is known for being able to think outside of the box with positive results.

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