What You Need to Know about Managing Your Online Reputation

What comes up when people search for you or your business online? People’s perception is critical because it is what makes up your online reputation. Brands that are trusted are those that are recommended by real people.

It’s easiest to manage your online reputation before any problems come up. Starting with no reputation and building a good one is ideal, but if you already have a problem and you need to turn a bad reputation around…keep reading!

According to Global Dispatch’s article on reputation management, there are a lot of free tools out there:

Reputation.ca’s Reputation Management Software

This tool shows you how you appear online over time by monitoring your Google search results. It helps to give an idea about how you actually appear to others and what affects your appearance.


This tool has a much broader focus than just Google. It lets you see how you appear over a range of social media sites. The first two accounts are free.


Useful for collecting data on exactly who is sharing/creating links to your website. This will allow you to get a better understanding of how you’re being talked about online.


If you have a dream domain name that you want to own, this tool can make that happen. It can help you personalize your business to help people better understand what you’re all about.

Google Alerts

For those of us who don’t love all the online searching work, Google Alerts is a great option. After signing up, it will send you a notification whenever you are mentioned online.

Even with all of these tools available to you, the most important thing in online reputation management is building a realistic game plan that shows where you are, where you want to be, and the small steps you can take to get there. From managing social media, reviews, testimonials, and blogs, there are many different ways to get your message out to your audience. To see how people are perceiving that message, this post should give you everything you need.






Darius Fisher and Status Labs Enjoy A Thriving 12 Months

The past twelve months have been very successful ones for the reputation management firm Status Labs. The firm has seen revenues increase, and attained a lot of positive media attention.


“Expansion” is a word that should come to mind most often when discussing Status Labs. The company expanded its staff by a significant number of people. This was due to the increase of the number of top clients who signed on with the firm. One client is being represented pro bono by the firm, a college professor who was caught up in a public media firestorm after a campus protest.


The physical location of the Austin headquarters has moved to the business district of the city, and offices in New York and San Paulo are thriving. Revenues are up huge, and it does not look as if those figures are going to drop any time soon. Status Labs does offer a critical service to those in dire straits reputation wise. The firm is able to do what is required to help fix poor impressions.


Status Labs benefits from the expertise of several advisors who have come aboard to help the company. Consider the arrival of several long-time experts in related fields to be another sign the firm is growing. As demand for services increases, so does the need for personnel to help support the growth and day-to-day operations of the firm. Potential clients should look at the arrival of all advisors and new personnel positively. All of these individuals are there to serve.


The co-founder and president of the company, Darius Fisher, deserves a lot of credit for this success. Darius Fisher runs Status Labs successfully because, thanks to his professional background, he understands the common mistakes people make when they are hoping to preserve their reputation.


Fisher has publicly noted people’s lack of building up an online presence on their own terms opens doors to being redefined once a scandal or other online mishap occurs. In essence, Fisher reveals the online presence ends up being created by the content – unflattering content – others create.
Such a bad situation can still be fixed. Fisher and Status Labs definitely will go to work addressing the problem.