The Fight to End Citizens United Continues to Be an Uphill Battle

Citizen’s United has already had a major impact on politics and will likely remain a controversial decision for a long time to come. End Citizens United and political organizations continue the fight to find legal ways to overturn the ruling. Many corporations represent multi-national interests. End Citizens United also claims the ruling allows for secret money laundering. Independent spending, unchecked, can corrupt the political process. Influence and loyalty are the elements that largely impact the realm of politics.

For the past ten years, at least, Americans have lived in an environment where big money corporate donors determined the fate of elections. For the most part, it is beyond the real understanding of most Americans how large companies and dark money can influence the outcome of elections. End Citizens United hopes to change the narrative. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

It is also no secret that the problem of big money in politics is at an all-time high and concern. The fact that money can determine the outcome of an election gives those with the money an advantage. Thus, when campaign laws fail to put such things in check, the republic is in danger of failing to corporatism. Data-based campaigns are responsible for much of the power that big corporations and dark-money sources wield. PACs control and dominate a lot of advertising campaigns.

It was in 2010 that the Supreme Court ruled against prohibiting labor unions, corporations, and other entities from making financial contributions to candidates in office, or running for office. The Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting such contributions would be a violation of the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

The Court’s ruling overturned a bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which limited the amount of individual political contributions and the ability of corporations to provide money for political advertising. The act was called the McCain-Feingold Act. The ruling also overturned the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission tipped the scales in favor of corporations. Among those most involved in the fight are End Citizens United Democrats laboring to enact laws on campaign refinancing.

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Since Its Formation, End Citizens United Is Determined To End Heavy Spending In An Election

The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision on a case touching on End Citizens United and F.E.C marked the start of a long journey to freedom. In that case, one party was arguing that it is very wrong for a candidate or a political party to spend huge sums of money in an election. This organization felt that is not only wrong but also makes one lack the moral authority. However, many years after the ruling, there has been fierce but healthy competition whenever America goes to an election. A good example is 2016 when presidential campaigns saw casino magnets spend millions of dollars to stand in solidarity with one of their own.

Nearly five years after the U.S. Supreme court ruling, End Citizens United was formed. The aim of forming this group was to show the world that indeed, citizens can unite. Yes, they can unite and form a strong coalition that can topple those with big money. Speaking during the formation of End Citizens United on March 1, 2015, the director said that their money does not come from a few individuals who have the money but from small donations. “End Citizens United is for the common people. It belongs to them. They are committed to seeing that even pro-reform candidates whether with or without the money, they will also be part of the government. Doing that does not require us to have a lot of money from one or a few individuals. We can get the money from a majority of the people have common interests,” said Richard Carbo who is also the group’s Communications Director.

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Just three months after launching End Citizens United, the group had collected $2 million from well-wishers who were determined to see leaders who subscribe to their ideologies elected. As if this was not enough, Richard said that the organizations would look into injecting an additional $25 million or even $30 million because the people had shown goodwill.

Hitherto, this organization has been behind the election of many Democrat candidates. This money has not been received well by Republicans who feel that the spending is excessively much.

End Citizens United Prepares For Huge Year In 2018 Elections

The 2018 Congressional Elections are upon us and the political world is turning over on its head as politicians try to shore up their position and take advantage of voter momentum. For progressives, this has been an easy mission. Voters have quickly turned on Donald Trump and the destructive GOP agenda in the White House and they seem ready for a change.

A group named End Citizens United is going to be pivotal in helping to steer that change going into the electoral season. End Citizens United is a progressive, grass-roots campaign that was made to represent the average American and to work toward helping the average American. The goal of End Citizens United, as is implied by their name, is to go into Washington D.C. and end the disastrous Citizens United ruling that has allowed so much money to flood into the government.

In order for End Citizens United to be successful in the 2018 Midterms, they are going to need to ride the wave of popularity that progressive champions are being given thanks to the prevalence of candidates willing to tackle campaign finance reform head-on. End Citizens United is led by President Tiffany Muller and it has been her clear job, from day one, to help orchestrate a new era of politicians who are willing to forego corporate donations in order to focus on the will of the American people. The goal of getting Big Money out of the world of politics is shared among people all across the political and ideological spectrum and that has helped to engineer some real change.

End Citizens United specifically refers to the 2010 Supreme Court case revolving around the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United had been established in order to try and find ways to skirt campaign financing and regulatory statutes. James Bopp, a lawyer, led Citizens United to the Supreme Court and once there he essentially argued that corporations were people and that their donations were just part of their rights as ‘people’. The goal here by Bopp and Citizens United was simple: to give corporations every loophole available so that they could run amok in Washington D.C., buying off politicians left and right. Since End Citizens United passed, Washington D.C. has become more divided than ever. Finally, however, people are fighting back in a concerted effort alongside End Citizens United in order to help bring Democracy back to the United States.

How End Citizens United Plans To Change The Constitution

The just concluded presidential election has taught a lot of lessons to the Americans. What made the entire process was the manner in which the campaigns were conducted, how close the contest was and how shocking a Donald Trump win was to the world. However, there are particular groups of people who had foreseen problems with the systems even before the election campaigns amplified them.

One of these groups is the End Citizens United PAC. Before the elections, the group was raising funds and supporting the campaigns of some of the democratic party candidates. However, they are now concentrating on amending the End Citizens United versus F. E.C bill which was passed into law in 2010.

The bill made it possible for large corporations to act as individuals, especially in support of various candidates political campaigns. The issues which have cropped up from the bill include the reduced accountability on campaign funds. It is known that billions of dollars are being spent in political campaigns. However, there is no way to know where the money is coming from or whether it is clean money. These are the issues that End Citizens United want to be examined again.

The group was started in 2015. Their main aim was to bring changes to campaign financing. They stated their affiliation and support of the Democratic party from the outset. In the first round of their fundraisers, the group managed to raise close to $4 million. As they gained prominence, they were able to increase this amount to about $25 million and are currently aiming for more. The primary objective is to have the constitution amended, outlawing the involvement of the Super PACs in the electoral processes. To get this amendment, they need a million signatures from the citizens delivered to the supreme court. So far, they have managed to collect 325,000 signatures. They are hoping that they will get more signatures out of the partnership they have created with the Ready for Hillary Movement.

The last time that the American constitution was amended was in 1992. These people, therefore, feel that it is a time that the people got to know about the issues that are affecting them as a country. There are a few individuals who view their aim to have the constitution amended as a little too ambitious. However, the management of the group is very optimistic about their operations. They also confided that they are way ahead of their fundraising schedule for the midterms which will be held in 2018. They say that they are receiving a lot of donations from first-time contributors to their course. They feel that this is because Trump became president. They believe that they will manage to bring about change in the political landscape.

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George Soros’ Overwhelming Political Donations

George Soros’s name has surfaced yet again in political donations on In 2004, he donated $27 million to fund a candidate’s political campaigns in an effort to defeat President George Bush. In the recent past, George has committed over $25 million. His name ranks among the top donors of the Democratic Party. George seeks to boost Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and other Democratic Party’s related causes. The billionaire has donated approximately $24.9 billion. He is likely to contribute even more as the voting day nears. This is according to the records of the Federal Election Commission and interviews made with Soros’ associates.

Having known Hillary Clinton for a long period, George Soros had scheduled to attend the Democratic convention, for the first time, to watch Clinton accept her Democratic Presidential nomination. However, he did not manage to attend the occasion. The Hungarian-born New Yorker was busy monitoring the economic state in Europe, considering that he has returned to active trading.

George Soros seems to be more engaged in political now than before. This is because of his deep faith in Hillary Clinton. In addition, he fears letting Donald Trump, whom he once accused of stoking fears in people just like ISIS, win the elections. George Soros’s political adviser, Mr. Michael Vachon, said that Soros’ donations during the recent campaigns have increased. This philanthropic act has been driven by the hostile nature of many issues that were proposed by Donald Trump such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform and immigration reform.

Soros’ overwhelming political donation on Politico has influenced other affluent philanthropists. Some of them are already cashing in big checks for the campaigns. For instance, Tom Steyer, an environmentalist in San Francisco has donated $31 million this year, a bigger portion going to a super PAC that he administers. Don Sussman, a New York hedge funder, has given $13 million to several campaigns and other causes. On the other side, the lords of media Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban donated $11 million each. This contribution has boosted Clinton’s campaign, thus putting her ahead her rival, Donald Trump.

About George Soros
George Soros founded Soros Fund management and the Open Society Foundation. He is also the chairman of these organizations. Born in Budapest, Hungary, George Soros moved to England in 1947 where he pursued his degree from the London School of Economics. In 1956, he moved to New York where he made a large fortune through the Soros Fund Management on Investopedia that he had founded after working in the Wall Street. Soros has been donating to charities since 1979 when he started the Open Society Foundations to fund students in South Africa. Today, the foundation has expanded its services to over 100 countries. George is also an author. He has written a couple of books including the Tragedy of the European Union (2014) as well as essays and articles on politics, economics and the society.