The Journey And Growth Of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a busy man who has ventured into the media industry and specialized in many sectors. He is a know radio host and producer as well among other things. The achievements he has been attributed to his education as he specialized in journalism. Having a great experience in the media industry has also equipped him with skills that have enabled him to thrive.

He has worked with many organizations and companies that have paved the way for him to express his skills and knowledge. He has hosted many television shows American Idol included. American Idol is a growing show which takes place regularly with the purpose of realizing new music stars. Working as host in the show has created a channel for more people to see his skills especially because of the fact that the show is continuous.

In addition to being a television host, he is also a radio show host. He had many years experience in the industry indicating his busy schedule. He has worked with many companies including the Live with Kelly and Ryan. In this show, he is a permanent co-host alongside Kelly Ripa. Therefore, he is great media personnel to get the opportunity to work with many companies. He also works as host On Air with Ryan Seacrest which takes place in the morning hours.

Other than being a radio and television host, he is a producer as well. Ryan Seacrest has produced several shows that are well established in the entertainment segment. Some of the shows include “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “E! News”. Therefore, he is an all-around person whose achievements are remarkable especially in media.

Furthermore, he is a person with the heart of the people which has motivated him to venture into several philanthropic activities. For instance, he is the founder of Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has grown to be recognized even by the country. The foundation works to promote healing of the young children and assist to express their skills in the media industry. It has several stations located in different pediatric hospitals to create a conducive environment for the treatment of the children as well as give good atmosphere for their parents. Want more updates about Ryan? Follow him on, and

Mr. Dick DeVos – A Generous Contributor and A Great Samaritan

Mr. Dick Devos’s career path has been great, and he has got great exposure in a wide range of positions at Amway and also the Windquest Group where he presently works as a President. He has been a President of Amway from the year 1993 to 2002.


Mr. Devos was responsible for the firm’s operations in 50 nations and six continents. He had a great service year, and during his tenure, Amway had sales of at least $4.5 billion. He served as a Vice President of Amway International where he was responsible for the operations of the firm in eighteen nations outside North America.


The company launched new markets under his guidance. There was an immense increase in the sales in the history of the enterprise. Mr. DeVos was the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Orlando Magic. His family got the team in the year 1991. He had this role for at least three years.


Mr. DeVos was the Chief Executive Officer of the Windquest Group in Grand Rapids. Ms. Betsy DeVos is his wife, and he has three children and four grandchildren.


Both Mr. Dick and Betsy attract lots of attention for their diplomatic contributions. U.S education secretary candidate Ms. DeVos contributes a great deal to the Republican nominees. Mr. DeVos spent at least 11.6 million U.S dollars in charity. It is more than $5.3 million in campaign donations in the past five years. Ms. DeVos had given her report to the federal government. This was a component of the screening procedure.


Both Mr. Dick and Ms. Betsy are a significant part of a family rule that was a player in Republican politics for many years. The elder Mr. DeVos and his four children have given $104 million in donations to the charitable organizations.


Ms. DeVos who is the daughter of Mr. Edgar Prince is from a great family that is renowned for giving charity. The philanthropy of Mr. Dick and Ms. Betsy exhibits that education is a significant aspect that has to be prioritized. They had given 3 million U.S dollars for education, and that is about 26 percent to the charity. The foundation awarded $357,000 to some of the educational groups.


The investments of Mr. Dick and Ms. Betsy exhibits what they have been doing for the improvement of education. The present system is not satisfying the American dream. Mr. DeVos mentions that the objective of choice is to attend to the failure of the educational arena.


We may do a great job in getting an excellent system to assist the highly skilled instructors to be very effectual in getting to every kid. Mr. DeVos mentions that the donations provided by the foundation meet the yardstick of the charity companies.




George Soros Uses His Wealth To Prove Worthwhile Causes

A Hungarian man, who arrived in the United States for a chance at a better life as a youngster, Mr. George Soros, eventually became known as a kind humanitarian and savvy industry investor. Mr. Soros, is regularly acknowledged by those around him, as a staggeringly victorious industry investor, on a worldwide level. George has a legendary net worth, easily exceedingly $25 billion, in fiscal capital. This remarkable degree of prosperity, places Mr. Soros, within the foremost 30, affluent people of the world.

Mr. George Soros is a successful graduate from the School of Economics, while he was still living in London, England. Mr. Soros worked very hard to earn his bachelor’s. This accomplishment, convinced him to continue on with his studies, to attain his master’s, in the well-regarded Philosophy field. This array of philosophy knowledge aided Mr. Soros, with the crucial understanding for how to stand out, within the risky venture capital markets on Politico. This impressive accomplishment brought to Mr. Soros, a lucrative admiration of the finances that are to be found in the investment of stocks and securities, for worthwhile fiscal expansion.

Mr. George Soros, for well over 30 years now, kindly gave away over $11 billion, to a vast assortment of worthy causes and individuals, also. Mr. George Soros, is remarkable for his central backing in the 1980’s, to facilitate Eastern Europe’s move from socialism over to capitalism. For the extent of the 1990’s, Mr. George Soros considerably aided Europe with what is considered to be, the most generous donation in history to encourage education.

Mr. George Soros is extremely familiar with Donald Trump. Mr. Soros fittingly sees Mr. Trump, as a bogus President who looks to split apart the country of the Unite States and possibly, the world. George doesn’t believe that President Trump motivates trust from any person and this viewpoint is shared by an excessive number of citizens, across the globe.

Donald is known by a colossal quantity of people, to have an absolute lack of care towards helping the poverty-stricken and that Trump, seeks only personal fame for himself and his family. Mr. Soros and an incalculable magnitude of citizens on, have gone through their own individual frustration with Trump. Several citizens feel that Trump has no interest in being the President, at all. His purpose seems to have been, to persuade media broadcasters, all through his Presidential bid, to show and market, at every opportunity his broad assortment of properties on This is noticeably the case, from the constant marketing of his company’s merchant properties, that were broadcast, over and over again, during public broadcast activities.

Dick DeVos: A Great Journey to Success

Dick DeVos has had many job titles at many different companies. His career is one of the most illustrious in the business industry. He not only succeeded in businesses owned by his family, but he also succeeded with businesses he led on his own. He has worked for so many successful companies that naming all of them would take a while. To name three companies that most people are familiar with, Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and The Windquest Group. The time spent with each of these enterprises is what made DeVos the man he is today. Back in 1993, when DeVos started working for Amway, he was responsible for all aspects of Amway’s operations. He oversaw company activity in 50 countries on six different continents. Never has there a more skilled professional than Dick DeVos. He worked with Amway until 2002. In his final year with the company, Amway reported sales over $4 billion. He is one of the greatest Presidents that Amway has on record. Before becoming President, he was just Vice President. Even in that position, he was responsible for overseeing operations in 18 different countries. His time with the Orlando Magic didn’t last long. He was President and CEO for three years after his family purchased the team in 1991.

Like every other businessman in any wealthy profession, DeVos understands the benefit of giving to the less fortunate. Even though he doesn’t believe in handing out money, he does believe in giving the less fortunate an opportunity to become successful on their own. He finds the best way to lift a community up is through improving the educational system. One of his favorite charitable passions is creating scholarship programs. We can agree that preventing societal misfortune is best accomplished by improving personal education. He, along with others like him, started the Education Freedom Fund. This fund grants more than 4,000 disadvantaged Michigan-dwelling students with scholarships. He is also an avid health care and community philanthropist. He loves seeing his community thriving peacefully. It’s no secret that Michigan has had some financial trouble, so Dick DeVos does everything he can to help his fellow man. He oversaw a $75 million arena, a $212 million convention center, and a $30 million market. He’s also supported the construction of a specialized heart hospital and a medical school.


AZ Businessman Jason Hope Makes SENS Of Philanthropy

Aside from being a businessman in Arizona, entrepreneur Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. His favorite organization to support is the SENS Foundation located in California. Why? Jason highly regards the research that the foundation performs in the process of aging; the research focuses on living life longer with better quality. For instance, diseases affect what happens to our bodies, causing the body to age quickly. Medications are out there, but of course, one must have the disease first. SENS looks at ways to halt diseases from starting. For any non-profits to find answers, they rely heavily on raising funds.

Just recently this month, Jason published an article on the Philanthropy section of his website. He describes an interesting model for funding that is changing the face of how organizations collect funds. Fundraising tends to look for those with deep pockets to provide significant capital. Jason states that 75 percent of these donations are gifts that reach in excess of $1 million. While that seems astounding and out-of-reach for the everyday person, Jason Hope believes that this information should be encouraging. One non-profit charity foundation took a step toward this encouragement.

The model that can make anyone feel inspired to contribute is the one created by The Methuselah Foundation, or MFoundation, which also conducts research with the SENS Foundation. Instead of relying on the donations of the individual, The 300 Pledge campaign looks to a larger group. The pledge asks that 300 people dedicate $1,000 a year for 25 years for research, which winds up being just under $3 a day. Jason Hope also supports his local Scottsdale community by funding grants for students and entrepreneurs looking to break into the biotechnology field.

Jason’s Relationship With The SENS Foundation

As previously mentioned, Jason admires the work of the SENS Foundation. He truly believes that the research conducted in correcting the aging process is a redefining and reshaping advantage within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. He is so proud of their work that in 2010, he made a generous gift of $500,000. The CSO of the SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey, revealed that Jason’s gracious donation would assist in fighting arteriosclerosis, which can lead to other serious medical issues.

May we all find it within ourselves to support worthy causes. Many great organizations exist. If you have no clue where to start, take up Jason’s advice right here.