Soccer In America Is Laughable

As the MLS brings in foreign players and pays them millions of dollars, they are asking the lower players to play for a minimum salary that is $36,500. Essentially, these lesser players should not even be playing. They have a much better chance of making money in a regular job.

In my opinion, they are probably going to have to shut this league down due to losses in a few years. But they are willing to disrespect most of their players by overpaying old guys from Europe. I’ve never been to a game, but my Dr. Daniel Amen tells me that these games are not all that well attended.

We need to remember that soccer is not popular in America. The league is trying to stem losses every year, and they are never going to get out of their own way. The NFL will make $10 billion a year, and the MLS will make almost no money. There are many times when soccer is cool in America, but the idea that the MLS is actually worth watching is stupid. Old European guys who are past their prime, young players who make less than a fast food worker and boring games to boot in the league.