Rodrigo Terpins Rally Race Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a Rally Race driver for his home Country. He was born and raised in the beautiful Country of Brazil. His family all live close to each other. Rodrigo keeps in touch with his family members as often as possible. His family has motivated him since he was a young boy. Their passion in their careers showed him the way to become successful. Jack Terpins, his dad, has been successful in Sports and Business. He was in Basketball Competitions in the 1970’s. Jack has also had profitable Businesses over the years. Michel Terpins, his brother, is a major success in Rally Race driving. His passion in Sports has made him famous in Brazil. Rodrigo sees the passion and determination of his family members.

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most famous Race drivers in Brazil. He started Racing in small Competitions at a young age. He worked for different Racing teams the first few years. Rodrigo gained lots of skill and expertise in the tough Sport of Rally Racing. He learned how to navigate the rough roads and difficult weather changes with ease. His perfect balance of speed and precision on curves was seen every time he drove. Terpins has a very large fan base. Fans love watching him dominate the Rally tracks with so much passion. He likes being a leader and motivator for the youth in his Country. You can visit their website

Rodrigo Terpins was famous in Rally Racing for a few years when he decided on a permanent Racing team. He joined the Bull Sertoes team based in Brazil. After winning many Championships for them, he decided to have a co-partner. He chose his brother, Michel, to co-partner with because of his expertise in the Sport. They had a one of a kind Racing vehicle built for them. The Bull Sertoes team specially designed a T-1 Prototype car for Rodrigo and Michel. This model car had the latest technology and parts installed. They named their vehicle the T-Rex. Rodrigo’s specially designed car helped them win many future Racing Championships. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.

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