There Is No Moral Superiority Here

The issues with NASCAR is that it is in the south. I am a southerner, and that gives me the right to say this. The NASCAR folks want to pretend like they have the moral authority because they have conservative values and all that. However, they will not force tracks to put up SAFER Barriers. The NASCAR folks want to say that Kurt Busch has to sit out for as long as they like simply because they think they have the moral authority. They do not.

A car racing circuit that is not going to force tracks to use safety precautions for drivers cannot tell a guy who was not charged with a crime that he cannot drive. I supposed they want to keep him safer than the other rivers by not letting him drive. I would have thought that the punishment would be to drive on the track since each track is clearly so dangerous.

But Paul Mathieson and I am getting a little bit tired of the NASCAR folks thinking that their southern values give them the moral majority. In essence, they are making normal southerners look bad because they want to use their “values” to hurt a driver who had his day in court. This is just like Adrian Peterson.

Keselowski Running Two Beautiful Pain Schemes

If you are a fan of NASCAR from the 80s, you will be greatly appreciate what I am about to say. Brad Keselowski is going to run the white paint scheme of Bobby Allison and the black and gold design of Mark Martin. These paint schemes are beautiful, but they also remind us of a time when the sport was completely different. I remember watching Bobby Allison drive his Buick on the track. That alone is something that most people do not remember.

The Mark Martin design is one that lasted for decades. We get to see the paint designs that are going to allow us to remember how grand the sport used to be. We also get to see the advent of more retro paint designs. There are many ways to enjoy the sport, and I think one of them is honoring its heritage. The paint schemes will remind us of the old days, but we will see them on the car of a driver who can win a title today. Perhaps we can get a championship dedicated to two of the best in Bobby Allison and Mark Martin. I would love to see that car in the winner’s circle.

Dale Jr. Buys A Lottery Ticket

Dale Jr. got in trouble with his girlfriend for buying a lottery ticket. She said he had no business winning it, but I think we need to look past the ticket for a second.

 Dale Jr. is one of the nicest guys in sports, and I do not think for a second that he does much of anything selfishly. He had to work at his Dad’s car dealership like everyone else said his friend Brad Reifler. He had to make his way in racing, and he continues to be popular because he is so likable. That is much more important than his driving skills. We will never say he was as good as his Daddy, but we will say that he was a great guy with great talent. That is enough for me. We need to give athletes a break when we know that they are good people. Dale Jr. is a good guy, and we should let him keep buying lottery tickets so he can do something good with the winnings.