Victoria Doramus: From Success to Homelessness and Back Again

Some people work a menial job and live in poverty before achieving success in their chosen career. The biography of Digital and Media Print Professional Victoria Doramus is a mirror image of that scenario.

At the height of her career, Victoria served as West Coast Director for the brand strategy, generational research and trend forecasting firm Trenda. During that time Victoria Doramus created the Trenda Files. The Trenda Files are a reference guide that helps companies target specific demographics. Fortune 500 companies have used the Trenda Files.

Drug addiction and alcoholism undid all that Victoria Dormus had accomplished. Adderall and cocaine were her drugs of choice. Victoria penned a currently unpublished autobiography, “Adderall: A Love Story”. Between 2011 and 2016 Victoria had gone into rehab twice. Between the two facilities, she had invested 115 days on failed attempts to get sober.

Despite her best efforts, Victoria couldn’t stay sober. She found herself in NYC penniless, homeless, and estranged from friends and family. A desperate attempt to support her habit led to Victoria Doramus being arrested. That arrest marked a turning point in her attempt to get sober.

Last year, Victoria entered the Burning Tree rehab center. Burning Tree’s rigorous program of prayer, meditation, introspection, group meetings, and mandatory chores helped her to get and stay clean. After Burning Tree, she moved into a sober living house. The house rules required that residents work at least 30 hours a week. Victoria found a job waiting tables.

The struggle to overcome addiction imbued Victoria Doramus with empathy that led to philanthropy. Currently, Victoria is developing plans to open her own sober living home. In the meantime, she supports a variety of charitable causes including the Amy Winehouse Foundation. AWF attempts to prevent addiction through education.

The non-profit Best Friends Animal Society provides an alternative to euthanizing abandoned animals. Best Friends takes animals from kill shelters and finds them homes or allows them to live out their lives at the BFAS sanctuary. Internationally, Room to Read works in impoverished nations. Room’s mission is to promote literacy and to champion equal education for girls.

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