Susan McGalla, A Story of Success

Tough Love

It’s tough having a football coach as a father. It’s tough growing up with two brothers as well. Susan McGalla learned this lesson early in life. Her father did not give her any breaks because she was a girl. It toughened her for the road ahead. She had to work hard for whatever she wanted and that work ethic has carried her to be incredibly successful in the workplace.

A Success Story

And, successful she has been in male dominated workplaces. Susan McGalla worked up through the ranks to become the president of American Eagle Outfitters, inc., during a time when all executives in that company were men.

She took the reins of her career and founded P3 Executive Consulting. In this role, Susan McGalla became a advisory consultant when the Financial and Wall Street top people needed perspective on the world of retail from an insider in that industry. She offered buy-side and buy-side analysis, branding, product management to strategy and talent management, plus much more.

If Ms. McGalla hasn’t shattered the glass ceiling, she definitely made some major cracks in it. In February of 2015, she took her talents to another male dominated business – The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. She is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development – spearheading the successful program ‘Wear What We Wear’ to encourage fans to purchase and wear Steeler’s gear.

Women in C-Level Positions

Many women struggle to achieve high level positions like Susan McGalla. Statistics show gender-diverse businesses are 15% likely to outperform other companies while ethnically diverse companies are 35% likely to outperform than non-diverse companies. Yet even with these statistics, in S&P 500 companies only a small percentage of C-level positions are held by women. One thought for a solution to the gender discrimination is to create sponsorship opportunities.

Talent and insight deserve recognition.