Billy McFarland is One of Those Genius Entrepreneurs that Does Everything Right the First Time Out

Everyone has heard of entrepreneurs failing forward. They fail forward, re-group and then attempt success. According to The Guardian, it appears Billy McFarland knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish with the introduction of his stylish black Magnises card from the “get-go.” He has built a true business model that is fail-safe.

His card is a social network tool that has the component of cool attached to it.

Forget about general rewards programs: this card is designed for the professional Millennial–persons in the age range of twenty-one and thirty-five years of age.

His card is impressive because when the Millennial flips open his wallet, for example, the casual observer naturally may think that he has a weighty bank account: however, the only thing weighty here is the card.

It is made of metal, is heavier, naturally, than most cards and can be conveniently tied to the user’s existing bank card or debit card.

The user then can pay for purchases in a stylish manner; while visiting the trendiest places in town, wherein the Magnises’ member receives the heaviest of discounts.

It is an opportunity card: It provides the user a chance to visit pricier entertainment options at costs far below the standard asking price. In example, the Magnises user can enjoy a Broadway show, in an area comprised of preferred seating; without worrying about the price. The seats the Magnises member acquires are greatly reduced and are one-fourth of the original asking price. This is just one example of the many varied social opportunities that come attached to the card.

The card provides access to the city’s best nightclubs, eating establishments, galleries, and more. The Magnises member is treated to cocktail hours at its penthouse location, inside of a premier hotel. Members can arrange for discounted activities with that of other members.

There is a 24/7 concierge app provided by the company: so the user can plan for his nightly engagement. It is just a cool company, with a cool card and cool places which to connect. McFarland has brought the city to the door of his niche Millennial market–and that is pretty “cool stuff,” too!