Two Lip Balms To the Rescue: Evolution of Smooth And Aquaphor

Are you lips-obsessed?

I am, and I’ve tried just about every product under the sun, so to speak. When it comes to smooth, soft, kissable lips, you need to work at them. In other words, lip balm becomes a key step in your daily beauty routine. Just like you care for other parts of your face, the lips are one of the most delicate features and deserve constant pampering.

Lips come in all shapes and sizes; mine happen to be average. Whatever your lips look like, they all need moisture. The lips do not have much melanin in them, making them a target for sunburn. They are also made of the thinnest tissue in the body and lack the protective oil glands, making them susceptible to cracking and chapping.

I happen to believe in the value of two, inexpensive lip balms for night and day:

EOS lip balm and Aquaphor Lip Repair. One is fancy, and the other is not, but both brands are true winners, because they work beautifully, delivering soft, smooth, kissable lips.

Aquaphor has been around for years, and I trust the name for its simplicity and results. I apply Aquaphor at night before hitting the pillow, because it has an oil-based formula that seals in moisture. While I’m sleeping, it gets busy on skin repair with soothing ingredients like shea butter and chamomile.

When I arise next day, I always put on my Evolution of Smooth. In fact, I carry several around with me all day. I am addicted to the spherical balm in its little pot. It’s a brilliant concept, and the formula and flavors are fun to collect. Evolution of Smooth balms are rich in jojoba oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian favor Evolution of Smooth.

For more info, visit the website and EOS Facebook page.

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