The Healthy Dog Food Market

The chief executive officer of a gourmet food manufacturer was seen cutting into a turkey and chunky chicken recipe. This individual is obsessed about the quality of his food. His company uses only the freshest ingredients and eliminates all preservatives. The greatest part of the food not having preservatives is that it limits the amount of time the food can sit on the shelves. The chief of manufacturing took a piece of the food and put him in his mouth to prove how good it is. The food that is talked about and raved about is dog food. The tasting occurred at the Freshpet manufacturing facility. The Freshpet factory is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They are the only dog food brand that puts out the only refrigerated dog food on the market. The company is greatly growing in this $23.7 billion dollar industry. The Freshpet pet food brand is winning the hearts of dog owners and cat owners. The executives believe that this next level of dog and cat food will change the industry.  Beneful is one company is that moving towards the healthy pet food trend. Beneful is a dog food brand created by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful provides dog owners with healthy wet dog food, dry dog food and healthy dog treats. Beneful is high-quality dog food brand that has a variety of food items. Cranberries, carrots, blueberries and sweet potato can be found in the Beneful dog food. Beneful also features real chicken and real beef. Beneful‘s food provides dogs with vitamin-rich and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Beneful is recommended by 95 percent of its users and has a total of 2,348 reviews. Beneful has an overall 4.7 star rating. Information can be found at: