The Waiakea Water Company: The Savior that the Environment Needed

Time has changed, and the businesses that were not viable in the past now have the greatest value. Take for instance the water bottle company. A few decades ago, selling bottled water could have sound ridiculous. Why would anyone want to spend something they could acquire for free? However, over the years the business has gained popularity. Italians are the leading individuals in the consumption of bottled water; other states are also right behind them. The value of the bottled water company across the globe is approximated to be $100 billion.

The companies are having a tough time advertising their products to get traffic on their products. They have to be creative with what they say about their water. Others take pride in the purification process, while some will say their water brand is too good that you can’t live without it.

The Waiakea water brand is among the water bottled companies. It has, however, created its market by differentiating itself. Buyers are also impressed with it because it is pure volcanic water. Many find it cool to say that they are taking volcanic water. The water brand is also produced in Hawaii, and there is something that consumers love about Hawaiian products. They associate Hawaii with natural products.

That said, Waiakea water is concerned with the welfare of the community. The state of the environment is a concern due to the dumping of bottles everywhere. Despite the campaigns to dispose of the bottles at the right places, a majority of the consumers are not that disciplined. For instance, only 12 billion water bottles were recycled in the USA, and more than 50 billion bottles were used. The 88% is lying on the beaches.

Waiakea water has come with a long-term solution to the problem. They are launching a decomposable water bottle this year. The plastic bottle will decompose in 15 years’ time. The time may seem like a long time, but this will eventually reduce the number of the water bottles in the field. The bottle will also be completely recyclable.

As custodians of our environment, we should support water brands like Waiakea water to ensure the future generation has a good environment.,18.htm

Life Line Screening, Health Preventive Company

Life Line Screening is a health preventive company that has a mission to help people avoid major medical problems. Many Americans have been diagnosed with diseases and cancers because they didn’t catch the symptoms early enough. There are some who don’t have enough time to heal and past away from their sickness. The Bro Talk article discusses preventive tips that can help improve men’s health. Reducing stress tips is one major health condition they share. They stated in the article “in order to decrease stress, a person may meditate, relax in a hot tub, enjoy music,” and more. ( Stress is an emotional strain on a person’s body and can lead to death.

Life Line Screening launched out of Austin, TX in 1993. They provide “community-based health screenings services for adults” in the U.S.A, U.K., and Australia. ( Since the start of business, this wellness company has provided screenings for millions of people. They offer 3 types of preventive health screenings. People who accept Life Line screening services are considered “advocates of their own health.” ( Their state-of-the-art equipment provides the most accurate results in the industry. Some screenings equipment include finger stick blood screenings, limited electrocardiograph, and ultrasound machines that were originally designed for military use.

Finger-sticking blood screenings is a quick pinch with a needle. It is only to get a couple of drops of blood to test liver, glucose, diabetes screenings and more. Limited electrocardiograph (EKG) can screen the heart. It allows Life Line Screening to “detect atrial fibrillation.” ( Lastly, an ultrasound screening is the science of sound turning into images. Doctors place a thick penlike object with a soft ball on the end to capture images from sound waves. Visit their website today to learn how you can get a health screening.



The Manse on Marsh-A Wonderful Experience

The decision to place a loved one in an assisted living facility can be a tough one. The emotions involved with this decision are not always easy to deal with. The large number of long term care options for elderly can make such a decision challenging and frustrating. Fortunately The Manse On Marsh is a facility that makes this choice an easy one. Their excellent team along with fabulous ownership and outstanding facilities make their group one of the best around. The experience provided The Manse On Marsh is clearly one of a kind.

Chris Skiff owner of The Manse On Marsh has drive unlike most. A UCLA graduate and a a devout Christian, Chris has been determined to break the “old folks home” stereotype that many people associate with assisted living facilities. The Manse on Marsh, as a result appeals to seniors. His work has helped to created this fabulous group.

The Manse on Marsh has won numerous awards by creating a history of exceptional service dedicated to meeting the needs of the senior and retirement community. They offer seniors a wide range of options for privacy, and safety throughout their home. The Manse On Marsh has trained and experienced caregivers and medication technicians available on-site 24/7. All residents living in the community are given a necklace that is used to contact staff members to request assistance whenever they may be in need of something. Furthermore the staff makes the beds for it’s members in the morning, along with providing and bringing three meals a day, and cleaning the room and taking out trash.

Living at The Manse on Marsh can be one of the finest experiences for an assisted living community throughout the Central Coast. Tours are scheduled often for potential guests. Furthermore they will work in close connection with any resident rehabilitation programs with a desire to continue making progress. The Manse of Marsh is a one of a kind experience.  SeniorHousingNet has more information about the facility.