The Waiakea Water Company: The Savior that the Environment Needed

Time has changed, and the businesses that were not viable in the past now have the greatest value. Take for instance the water bottle company. A few decades ago, selling bottled water could have sound ridiculous. Why would anyone want to spend something they could acquire for free? However, over the years the business has gained popularity. Italians are the leading individuals in the consumption of bottled water; other states are also right behind them. The value of the bottled water company across the globe is approximated to be $100 billion.

The companies are having a tough time advertising their products to get traffic on their products. They have to be creative with what they say about their water. Others take pride in the purification process, while some will say their water brand is too good that you can’t live without it.

The Waiakea water brand is among the water bottled companies. It has, however, created its market by differentiating itself. Buyers are also impressed with it because it is pure volcanic water. Many find it cool to say that they are taking volcanic water. The water brand is also produced in Hawaii, and there is something that consumers love about Hawaiian products. They associate Hawaii with natural products.

That said, Waiakea water is concerned with the welfare of the community. The state of the environment is a concern due to the dumping of bottles everywhere. Despite the campaigns to dispose of the bottles at the right places, a majority of the consumers are not that disciplined. For instance, only 12 billion water bottles were recycled in the USA, and more than 50 billion bottles were used. The 88% is lying on the beaches.

Waiakea water has come with a long-term solution to the problem. They are launching a decomposable water bottle this year. The plastic bottle will decompose in 15 years’ time. The time may seem like a long time, but this will eventually reduce the number of the water bottles in the field. The bottle will also be completely recyclable.

As custodians of our environment, we should support water brands like Waiakea water to ensure the future generation has a good environment.,18.htm

Dr. Mark McKenna and his Journeys with Healthcare Ventures

Healthcare professionals often fail to make an impact with their ventures considering they do not have exposure or talent to shine in the business world. Contrary to those conceptions, Dr. Mark McKenna a leading physician and medical entrepreneur from New Orleans, proved that both the can be managed if people are gifted and hardworking enough. He is a licensed surgeon as well as an MBA graduate. While starting medical practice along with his father, Mark also launched a boutique real estate firm named McKenna Venture Investments.

Within few years, it could acquire he acquired Uptown Title, Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending and started varied real estate finance services. The Hurricane Katrina shattered his dreams in 2005, however, McKenna actively participated in the rebuilding efforts of the city by offering medium and low-income housing. In 2007, he moved to Atlanta and launched ShapeMed, an aesthetic recovery firm through health and wellness programs. McKenna finally sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc in the year 2014.

In 2017, McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic firm focusing on technology to reinvent elective healthcare. Currently, Mark leads the company as its Chief Executive Officer. He says that while working more than a decade in the medical aesthetic industry, Mark got some insights about it and found there are many untapped opportunities in the industry. This is where McKenna founded OVME. McKenna says he loves to visualize things, and that helps him to get better ideas and insights which he can implement in the business for its success.

Dr. McKenna is also the founder of Shape Medical Wellness Center, a leading non-surgical aesthetic clinic in Atlanta that goes for weight loss solutions. He made sure that the hospital offers affordable weight loss solutions under the guidance of expert and qualified physicians, staff, nutritionists, and dieticians. Under the guidance of Mark, the clinic provides individualized treatment solutions as the body conditions and the needs of any two people are different. To Know More Click Here

Dr. McKenna completed his medical graduation from the University School of Medicine Tulane before starting his practice. He was featured in the Doctorpreneur program of CBS in 2013 considering his success in both the world of surgery and entrepreneurship.

USHEALTH Group Astounding Efforts in Guaranteeing Individual and Family Health Coverage

USHEALTH Group is established in Fort Worth, Texas. The company is run under the objective of providing innovative life and providing insurances to safeguard the lives of its clients. Through its various subsidiaries, the company has been able to dominate the insurance sector and safeguard the lives of many people. Some of these subsidiaries include National Life Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance Company. These subsidiaries provide insurance to families, employees, self-employed people and small business owners. The insurance covers these categories of individuals from specified sicknesses, disability, and accidents.


Through its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has successfully served more than 15 million clients. These clients have tailored plans which are projected to support them for more than fifty years. The company believes that every person or family has varying needs hence provides insurance cover to suit each of these groups. Therefore, there are specified insurance covers to suit accident coverage and specified diseases for all clients.


Since customers prefer a wide array of choices of products and services to choose from, the company offers several options for customers to choose from. Customers can thus choose the insurance cover that they feel best protects them. The innovative products design possessed by this company gives the company a competitive advantage since the selections are affordable, reliable, and flexible. The company is advantageous since it offers services which satisfy the financial needs of the clients.


Clients who have a limited budget can benefit from the insurance plans offered by this company. The insurance plans offered are more affordable and provide primary dollar protection and limited protection cover schemes. Regardless of the health coverage chosen by the clients, customers are helped by the company to possess full-time protection. The protection covers offered include Income Protector, dental plans, visual plans, income protector, critical illnesses, accidents, specific diseases, disability income and term life insurances.


One of the aspects that differentiate this company from the rest is the rapport created between this company and its clients. With the marketplace characteristics of low customer loyalty and high customer turnover, the company produces a long-term relationship with their clients as a way of thriving in the market. With the trust that the clients possess towards USHEALTH Group, loyalty is ensured. With the promise of incredible performance in meeting the needs of the clients, many people continue to depend on USHEALTH Group for security concerning insurance.


The efforts of this company have been recognized with the various prestigious business prizes that it has been winning annually. The services of the company that has led to its outstanding performance are based on the approach that all customers are unique. Based on this understanding, the company formulates many choices with affordable prices to suit all clients.

USHEALTH Group – Highly Reputed and Reliable Insurance Provider in the United States

The insurance industry is one of the biggest industries in the United States, and numerous insurance companies are trying to grab the most significant bit of this multi-billion insurance market. As the health care and medical expenses continue to rise, it is important for the people to give importance to the health care insurance and buy the one that best suits them. One of the companies that have been consistent in offering quality insurance products and after sale services to the consumers is USHEALTH Group, which offers its insurance products through two of its distribution companies, named Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance Company.



USHEALTH Group has over the years proudly served over 15 million consumers across the United States. One of the reasons why the insurance products of USHEALTH Group are popular among the people in the country is because it offers larger coverage and more features at a lesser price. USHEALTH Group ensures that the people can choose the features they want and have the control over their coverage so that they only pay for what they want. It is mostly seen that when people go to buy health insurance, they end up overspending far beyond their budget, and yet compromise on many of the features they are looking for. It is not the case when consumers choose the insurance products of USHEALTH Group, and the agents of the company are friendly and easily accessible. They are always available to answer any and all queries the customers might have and go an extra mile to ensure that the customers are satisfied.



Even the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, said in an interview recently that his goal is to make insurance available for one and all, irrespective of their budget. USHEALTH Group specialises in providing comprehensive health insurance products for individuals as well as the small to medium sized enterprises, which are looking for insurance coverage for their employees. USHEALTH Group offers a broad range of insurance products, starting from dental insurance to term life insurance and from family insurance to eye insurance, and more. The customer service of the company is also brisk and attentive to customers’ queries.

Life Line Screening, Health Preventive Company

Life Line Screening is a health preventive company that has a mission to help people avoid major medical problems. Many Americans have been diagnosed with diseases and cancers because they didn’t catch the symptoms early enough. There are some who don’t have enough time to heal and past away from their sickness. The Bro Talk article discusses preventive tips that can help improve men’s health. Reducing stress tips is one major health condition they share. They stated in the article “in order to decrease stress, a person may meditate, relax in a hot tub, enjoy music,” and more. ( Stress is an emotional strain on a person’s body and can lead to death.

Life Line Screening launched out of Austin, TX in 1993. They provide “community-based health screenings services for adults” in the U.S.A, U.K., and Australia. ( Since the start of business, this wellness company has provided screenings for millions of people. They offer 3 types of preventive health screenings. People who accept Life Line screening services are considered “advocates of their own health.” ( Their state-of-the-art equipment provides the most accurate results in the industry. Some screenings equipment include finger stick blood screenings, limited electrocardiograph, and ultrasound machines that were originally designed for military use.

Finger-sticking blood screenings is a quick pinch with a needle. It is only to get a couple of drops of blood to test liver, glucose, diabetes screenings and more. Limited electrocardiograph (EKG) can screen the heart. It allows Life Line Screening to “detect atrial fibrillation.” ( Lastly, an ultrasound screening is the science of sound turning into images. Doctors place a thick penlike object with a soft ball on the end to capture images from sound waves. Visit their website today to learn how you can get a health screening.



Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill Recognized By National Healthcare

From a business foundation, Maggie Gill moved to training, with an exceptional enthusiasm for the grown-up learner adult learner. Additional studies prompted to Masters in Business Administration and Diploma in Management. An enthusiasm for complementary medicine grew into a passion when a sudden profession change brought the open door for additional exploration. CranioSacral Therapy brought motivation into Maggie’s life and an adjustment in course where new and previous aptitudes combined and started to establish. She has busy roles in Brighton, and she has driven an Upledger Study Group there since 2003. Additionally, she has a developing exercise in Cyprus.

Maggie Gill was selected to the new position of Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) to the Scottish Executive Environment & Rural Affairs Department on 1 February 2006 for 80% of her time with the other 20% of her time as Professor of Integrated Land Use within the College of Physical Sciences in the University of Aberdeen. With changes in post election matters in the Scottish Government she is currently the Chief Scientific Adviser for Rural Affairs and the Environment. Aptitudes earned through supporting teaching teams and students as they face individual and hierarchical changes have been exchanged to her treatment practices and teaching.

Before, Maggie was the Chief Executive and Director of Research at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute in Aberdeen (2000-2006). Before that, Chief Executive of Natural Resources International Ltd. (1996-2000); an organization owned by 4 institutions which was ‘spun out’ of the privatization of the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), an Executive Agency of the Overseas Development Administration (currently the Department for International Development).

Maggie’s vocation has included both research and research administration beginning with production of domesticated animals and proceeding onward to the interface amongst agribusiness & environment and management of the natural resource issues. Maggie Gill research has entailed collaboration with scientists in North America, Australia, and several developing countries.