Troy McQuagge Has Won Several Awards

Troy McQuagge has won the Gold Award at the One Plant Awards. He is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. This prestigious Gold has been awarded to him for being the best chief executive officer of the Year. These awards acknowledge business excellence across all industries. Anyone from across the globe can get this award. This means that any organizations from anywhere in the world are eligible to hand in the nominations. The individuals can come in from either public, or private, or even for-profit or non-profit companies. These can be from a large multinational or the smallest startup located anywhere in the world. Hence Troy McQuagge winning the Gold Award is a prestigious achievement for him.


He is highly grateful for winning this esteemed sector recognition award. It was in 2010 that Troy McQuagge had joined USHEALTH. On joining, he embarked on turning around the distribution agency of USHEALTH. He was successful in retooling USHEALTH Advisors. His success led him to being elected as the president along with the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group.


After Troy McQuagge joined this company, its performance has been advancing at a steady pace. Under his leadership, the Group has managed unmatched success. It has been achieving profitability, along with growth in this field of individual health insurance which is a highly competitive sector.


Troy McQuagge has a passion for this insurance sector. He has more than 30 years of experience in this highly competitive industry. He has managed to sharpen his business acumen during this time. Before joining USHEALTH Group, he was working with HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group where he was the president as well as the chief executive officer. He was able to make his company achieve over a billion dollars in sales.


His career started in 1983 when he joined the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he joined the Student Insurance Division. This was a part of the United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). His hard work and dedication helped him to get promoted and become the president of this insurance agency. He joined UGA in 1997. His competent leadership allowed the company to achieve records in making sales.


Troy McQuagge is known to all as being a visionary as well as an innovator. He is a respected figure in the U.S. insurance industry. He is holding a highly prominent place in this industry. His last seven years in this company has seen USHEALTH reach high levels of success. In addition, he is also a member of its Board of Directors. Troy McQuagge is holding the post of an executive too at the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. This is a major subsidiary of USHEALTH Advisors.


It was in 1983 that Troy McQuagge did his graduation from Central Florida. He has always tried to improve himself all the time. He is known to excel in whatever he decides to do. He had joined the Allstate Insurance Company the year that he graduated. Since then insurance became a passion for him. Since then he has not looked back. He has dominated the insurance industry with his hard work and perseverance.


Troy McQuagge has managed to do so well in his position as the leader of USHEALTH because he has diverse experience in insurance. He has gone through several different departments as he worked in USHEALTH Advisors and several other big insurance companies. This way he was able to get a holistic overview of what is required in order to be successful in the coming years. He has spent a large number of years in the industry. This has allowed him to be able to assess the current trends in an accurate manner. This way the company is clearly in the best hands. Troy McQuagge ensures that the company takes advantage of any changes which arise in the insurance market. He is the driving force behind the company. Due to his ability, the company has managed to outlast as well as outrank so many of its competitors both in terms of profitability along with market share.


Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010. Since then it has grown 10 times as compared to its previous level. This accomplishment has become even more significant today. This is because Troy McQuagge has managed to grow the company even during highly restrictive and tough economic times. Other companies in this industry had been looking at ways to downsize their risk exposure during such difficult times. But Troy McQuagge was focused in his pursuit of growth and development for the company. Such kind of steadfast approach has paid off for him and USHEALTH Advisors.


Troy McQuagge has always been praised for being a result-oriented top executive. He has always looked for new opportunities for growth. He tries unconventional ways in order to be successful in the insurance industry. He always credits his peers as well as employees at USHEALTH Advisors for the overall success of his company. He recognizes his employees and appreciates their hard work. He has a humble and grateful attitude. He has maintained this behavior in spite of all that he has achieved in his personal as well as professional life.


Troy McQuagge has the unique ability for identifying current trends in this industry and then harnessing them accordingly. He likes to narrow his focus and look at a niche market. This is why he has managed to make USHEALTH specialize in health insurance products and market these primarily to their potential clients.

USHEALTH Group Astounding Efforts in Guaranteeing Individual and Family Health Coverage

USHEALTH Group is established in Fort Worth, Texas. The company is run under the objective of providing innovative life and providing insurances to safeguard the lives of its clients. Through its various subsidiaries, the company has been able to dominate the insurance sector and safeguard the lives of many people. Some of these subsidiaries include National Life Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance Company. These subsidiaries provide insurance to families, employees, self-employed people and small business owners. The insurance covers these categories of individuals from specified sicknesses, disability, and accidents.


Through its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has successfully served more than 15 million clients. These clients have tailored plans which are projected to support them for more than fifty years. The company believes that every person or family has varying needs hence provides insurance cover to suit each of these groups. Therefore, there are specified insurance covers to suit accident coverage and specified diseases for all clients.


Since customers prefer a wide array of choices of products and services to choose from, the company offers several options for customers to choose from. Customers can thus choose the insurance cover that they feel best protects them. The innovative products design possessed by this company gives the company a competitive advantage since the selections are affordable, reliable, and flexible. The company is advantageous since it offers services which satisfy the financial needs of the clients.


Clients who have a limited budget can benefit from the insurance plans offered by this company. The insurance plans offered are more affordable and provide primary dollar protection and limited protection cover schemes. Regardless of the health coverage chosen by the clients, customers are helped by the company to possess full-time protection. The protection covers offered include Income Protector, dental plans, visual plans, income protector, critical illnesses, accidents, specific diseases, disability income and term life insurances.


One of the aspects that differentiate this company from the rest is the rapport created between this company and its clients. With the marketplace characteristics of low customer loyalty and high customer turnover, the company produces a long-term relationship with their clients as a way of thriving in the market. With the trust that the clients possess towards USHEALTH Group, loyalty is ensured. With the promise of incredible performance in meeting the needs of the clients, many people continue to depend on USHEALTH Group for security concerning insurance.


The efforts of this company have been recognized with the various prestigious business prizes that it has been winning annually. The services of the company that has led to its outstanding performance are based on the approach that all customers are unique. Based on this understanding, the company formulates many choices with affordable prices to suit all clients.

USHEALTH Group – Highly Reputed and Reliable Insurance Provider in the United States

The insurance industry is one of the biggest industries in the United States, and numerous insurance companies are trying to grab the most significant bit of this multi-billion insurance market. As the health care and medical expenses continue to rise, it is important for the people to give importance to the health care insurance and buy the one that best suits them. One of the companies that have been consistent in offering quality insurance products and after sale services to the consumers is USHEALTH Group, which offers its insurance products through two of its distribution companies, named Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance Company.



USHEALTH Group has over the years proudly served over 15 million consumers across the United States. One of the reasons why the insurance products of USHEALTH Group are popular among the people in the country is because it offers larger coverage and more features at a lesser price. USHEALTH Group ensures that the people can choose the features they want and have the control over their coverage so that they only pay for what they want. It is mostly seen that when people go to buy health insurance, they end up overspending far beyond their budget, and yet compromise on many of the features they are looking for. It is not the case when consumers choose the insurance products of USHEALTH Group, and the agents of the company are friendly and easily accessible. They are always available to answer any and all queries the customers might have and go an extra mile to ensure that the customers are satisfied.



Even the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, said in an interview recently that his goal is to make insurance available for one and all, irrespective of their budget. USHEALTH Group specialises in providing comprehensive health insurance products for individuals as well as the small to medium sized enterprises, which are looking for insurance coverage for their employees. USHEALTH Group offers a broad range of insurance products, starting from dental insurance to term life insurance and from family insurance to eye insurance, and more. The customer service of the company is also brisk and attentive to customers’ queries.

Nobilis Healthcare Poised for Growth

Nobilis Healthcare seems as if it is going to come out ahead amidst all of the turmoil that has recently afflicted the stock markets. The company owns and operates surgical centers throughout the United States. Besides enjoying strong organic growth year after year the company also make great use of aggressive, well-timed acquisitions. The company recently purchased First Nobilis Hospital for nearly $8 million cash according to googlefinance, it then went on to acquire a majority stake in Freedom Pain Hospital this past September for $3.2 million. However, due to its acquisitions the company according to cantechletter has currently also taken on debt at a relatively high cost, but it is working quickly to lower that cost as much as possible. During April of this year the company also finalized $25 million in financing from GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. This influx of cash will serve to greatly improve their bottom line. The cash will primarily be used to promote growth, provide working capital, and to rid the company of some of its longstanding debt, most importantly a $12 million note from when Nobilis purchased Athas Health last December. This capital also helps to significantly reduce Nobilis Health’s overall borrowing costs, which were at a staggering 9.6%, and help to provide a more streamlined approach to its finances. Thanks to this newly infused capital the Nobilis Health’s borrowing cost were more than halved, as low as 4.71% earlier this year. This will help the company be able to pursue growth opportunities much quicker than before. By creating this relationship with GE Capital the company is setting itself to be able to continue its growth for the foreseeable future. The loan consisted of a $20 million term loan as well as a revolving loan which would serve to provide working capital to the healthcare company. With an aging population and the widespread prevalence of obesity it does not seem as if the need for surgery will be slowing down anytime soon. This is great news for Nobilis as the increasing amount of surgeries being performed around the country help to boost its profits. Thanks to the significant growth and reduction of costs being experienced by the company many analysts are rating this stock a buy. In a report from Mackie Research Capital that details stocks that are set to grow the most coming in to Q4 Russell Stanley places Nobilis at the top of his list. The analyst is calling for a one year price target of $12.50 which would come as a result of a 72% return. The company has seen significant rallies since its first year going public. At one point it was up over 375% from its Year 1 high price. With recent growth analysts at Zacks have also named the firm a buy with at least one analyst rating it a strong buy.