Why You Should Switch To “No Poo” Shampoos

So what is a “no poo” shampoo? It is basically just that-it doesn’t contain anything that you wouldn’t want like sulfates and harsh chemicals, so you won’t get an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Shampoos that don’t contain sulfates and other chemicals won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and will leave your hair feeling healthy and shiny. If your hair is nice and healthy, then it will not only grow faster and breakage will be at a minimum. Not having to buy all the extra products to help tame your hair that has been damaged due to chemical-filled shampoos will save you money as well.

“No Poo” shampoos work just as well as sulfate-filled shampoos but the only real noticeable difference (besides the healthier hair) is that you won’t get that lather that you are used to because it is free of chemicals.

Chaz Dean created many great hair care products that are chemical-free and will leave your hair healthy and stronger with use. WEN Cleansing Conditioner will actually replace not only your shampoo, but your conditioner as well. It is even a deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It is made with natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol. In a three week study of using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner, 100 percent said that their hair felt more moisturized and 97 percent found that their hair was more shiny. 95 percent found that their hair was more shiny.

You can buy WEN products on EBay.com.