The US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of US Government issued gold, silver and platinum coins. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, it is led by a man named Philip Diehl who is a former US Mint Director with a lot of experience. The US Money Reserve was formed by veterans of the gold market who realized there was a need for better service in the precious metals industry. Philip Diehl is one of the most prosperous Presidents of the US Mint and accomplished a lot during his tenure.

Philip’s turnaround of the US Money Reserve was driven by one major factor, to be the best in customer satisfaction, ranking up against the best in American corporations. It was not a short journey, and neither was it smooth. The plan was to stretch over six years, a long time but Mr. Diehl says it was worth it. He changed a slow, bureaucratic agency into one full of entrepreneurial spirit. The business-like approach is exemplified by an IRA program started at the company where customers can store their wealth in the form of precious metals and use it during their retirement.

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Why Buy Gold

Precious metals are not obsolete in the modern world regardless of popular opinion, and they may be even more important now due to the large amount of paper currency printed by the government every year. There is an excellent reason for precious metals usage as a store of wealth for centuries, and that is because they do not lose value. They will not be affected by inflation. They are the only currencies you can count on in the case of any economic turmoil. US minted platinum, silver, and gold coins are legal tender backed by the US Government. There is little that can go wrong with these metals. Even legendary investors like billionaire George Soros is buying a lot of gold. If that is not an indicator to follow, I don’t know what is.

The US Money Reserve has succeeded in its drive to improve customer service drastically since you will rarely if ever find bad comments about the agency. The leadership by Philip Diehl has been superb and given the economic state of the world; such foresighted leaders will be even more valuable. US Money Reserve always go the extra mile whether in delivering the coins to your doorstep or providing you with information on the precious metals. To work with the US Money Reserve is a pleasure.

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