Ara Chackerian is Making Sure That We Approach Forestry With an Open Mind and Open Heart

Forests are important. Not only do they supply wood, they are also a major source of oxygen, reduce carbon output, and provide fresh water. Modernization of industry has created a new form of deforestation that threatens the natural forces. Forests are being laid to waste, not due to overuse, but under-education about proper usage of the forest’s resources. One healthcare entrepreneur has set out to change this.


Enter Ara Chackerian, an angel investor in the health industry. Ara has been responsible for many healthcare startups but his passion lies in forestry. In specific, forest education and management. Ara works diligently with logging companies and other companies that work directly or indirectly with forests. Instead of simply scolding companies or trying to shame them in a public light, Ara has another way of handling the deforestation issue. Ara Chackerian works directly with logging companies and other companies to provide education and methodologies to help preserve forests across the world.


Forestry is important to Ara. He is aware of the complexities in forestry. For example, every forest has a unique and diverse ecology. These are important things to take into account when you are working in the foresting industry. Ara has set out to make sure that we are still able to reap the resources that forests provide us while also managing the forests population and natural resources.



Ara Chackerian is perhaps most well known as a healthcare angel investor. He is personally responsible for managing and boosting many startup healthcare companies. Companies that provide unique solutions in the healthcare industry are of particular interest to Ara, especially of health-tech is incorporated into that solution. Beyond simply investing and acting as a board member, Ara personally runs a company of his own. Visit for more info.



He is co-founder and general partner of TMS health solutions. TMS offers a unique treatment combination for those that have depression, but regular treatment efforts are not working. TMS uses transcranial magnetic technology to assist these treatment-resistant patients. This work along with his work with forests makes Ara Chackerian a very potent individual. Being responsible for human lives as well as animal lives is a difficult job.Ara Chackerian seems completely fine with that, in fact, he seems eager to do more. You can checkout for more details.



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