Cassio Audi’s Music Career in the 1980s

Many people associate Cassio Audi with his career in the finance industry. However, what most people do not know is that he had a musical career prior to his current one. At the time, Cassio was in a band called Viper. In fact, he was one of the rock band’s founding members. Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Passarel were the other band members. Cassio Audi was in charge of the drums, and he played with the band until 1985.

Viper’s style and choice of music was heavily influenced by Iron Maiden as well as the metal music that had taken over Britain at the time. Those who followed Audi’s musical career say that he would have made a big career out of music. His prowess with the drums was a skill which was appreciated by many from all over the world. When Viper releases their first album, the Killer Sword, Audi’s drum skills were further appreciated by the world.

The Killer Sword, Viper’s demo album, was finally released as their first album in 1987, and had hits such as Princes from Hell, Nightmare and Killera. The released album was called Soldiers of Sunrise, and it had a few adjustments. However, critics were quick to point out that the band’s music needed a bit more refinement. The same album was released a few more times, and it was even given a 4-star by Allmusic.

When Audi left the band in 1989, Viper went on to release their most successful album known as Theatre of Fate. The Brazilian’s professional music career came to a halt when he joined the University of Sao Paulo to study business administration. The rest, as they say, is history. However, he is still a big name in the industry, and he still has fans from his past days as a musician.