Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is one of the leading financial services and investment firms based in the United States. The firm currently serves markets throughout the United States and the rest of the world. This firm was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks and has gradually established itself as one of the most trusted firms in the industry. Southridge Capital provides a wide range of services for corporations and other institutional clients. With Southridge Capital, many clients are able to accomplish a number of goals including raising capital, corporate restructuring, debt management and also issuing stock. With all of these ways Southridge Capital assists clients, any company looking to better manage their finances and facilitate growth will benefit by working with this firm. You can check out Crunchbase to know more.


There are a number of services provided by Southridge Capital. One of the most common services is financial advisory. With this service, the firm will provide guidance and advice on how to raise capital, restructure their companies and also complete mergers and acquisitions. Another service that this firm offers is debt purchases and equity swaps. This particular service will help companies acquire debts and use them to help finance their own operations. They will also do this to complete a merger or acquisition as well. Southridge will also help a company go public by helping them complete the necessary tasks to put their stock on the market. The firm will also help evaluate financial statements such as balance sheets and provide feedback on how to reach financial objectives. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Stephen Hicks is a seasoned finance professional who is the founder and chief executive officer of Southridge Capital. He has over three decades of experience in working in the financial services industry. During his thirty years in finance, Stephen has been involved in risk arbitrage, financial structuring, and investment banking. All of these experiences have enabled him to found his own firm and build it into a top organization in the industry. Before founding the firm Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks worked at a firm that specialized in hedge funds. When the firm was about to close down, he decided to found his own hedge fund firm which became the firm he operates today.


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There are millions of opportunities where people can make some extra coins at the end of the financial year. These opportunities are available offline and online. Many people will look for these opportunities so that they can make their lives better. Companies such as Banyan Hill Publishing have been started so that people can start to earn some good wealth without having to deal with many challenges. Most of the investment experts based in Banyan Hill have been advising customers for a very long time, and this means that they are aware of the challenges in the market and how customers can avoid losses.

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Southridge Capital: Covering The Bases.

Southridge Capital is a firm that was founded in 1996. The main headquarters of the company is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Over the past thirty years, Southridge Capital offers clients many different options when it comes to their services. One of the founders is named Stephen Hicks. He talks about what his typical day is like with Ideamensch.


His typical day is pretty simple. He focuses his attention on the company portfolio, then makes a list for himself and his staff. The things on the list are to be completed by the end of the day. He and his staff also want to make sure that the client’s investments are on track as well.

When it comes to bringing new ideas to the table Hicks says that experience is the key. When he spots a new company that needs financing to get off of the ground he can provide it for them. Sometimes, Southridge Capital will search for a new company that may need their help. Offering their service to the company can make all of the difference. Check out for more.



Southridge Capital has now become of the major players in the company investment market, particularly over the last few years. The team at Southridge can help new companies with financial advice to succeed in the business. Southridge can also help seasoned businesses with financial advice when it comes to financial analysis coming out of bankruptcy.

One unique thing that makes Southridge Capital unique is what is known as an Equity Purchase Agreement. This works by allowing the company to buy enough equity to continue to be solvent no matter what the market is doing. Southridge also offers loans against common stock and convertible preferred stock too.


Southridge Capital also makes sure to give back as well. The company promotes volunteering and community outreach programs. Southridge Capital wants to make sure that it is leaving a positive impact on the small communities that surround the company. The company wants to make sure to support ventures that are near and dear to those who live there. That is what giving back is all about. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Southridge LLC and Structured Finance Help

Southridge LLC is a high-quality financial firm that calls the East Coast of the United States its home. It has one location in Connecticut and another in New York. Both branches specialize in the management of funds. The agency has been influential in the financial field for two decades. Its executive crew has developed financial techniques that boost peoples’ grasps of how the monetary world functions. Its structured finance specialists have focused on substantial direct investments since back in the nineties. The team at Southridge LLC has contributed to the financing of more than 250 public entities so far. This has provided its staff with a deep and distinctive comprehension of all the predicaments that are typical among expanding businesses. Southridge’s employees can offer guidance that relates to the majority of corporate matters. The talented people who work for Southridge include Stephen M. Hicks, Linda Carlsen, Henry B. Sargent, Lawrence J. Ditkoff and Narine Persaud. Hicks takes care of strategic components. Carlsen handles portfolio management. Sargent tackles the structuring of deals. Ditkoff manages all kinds of investment assessments. Persaud takes on cash management and fund accounting duties. Needless to say, the team members at Southridge LLC all have plenty of things on their plates each day.

Clients that are searching tirelessly for top-tier advisory guidance can get behind Southridge. Southridge Capital offers a good number of useful and practical advisory options to clients. Clients can depend on the firm for help that involves balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy and restructuring. You can visit

Southridge LLC is a structured finance powerhouse, too. It specializes in first-rate securitization work. Firms that require capital frequently make the decision to reach out to the agency. The employees at Southridge can provide clients with strong capital assets insight. You can visit their website

Credit strengthening is yet another big specialty that’s provided by this business. Clients that want information that involves liquidities, debt management and beyond can depend on the firm’s exceptionally hard-working individuals. People who want to get in touch with the company can rely on social media platforms. Southridge is accessible through Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. It even has a YouTube account.

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Jim Tananbaum is a Committed Supporter of Mindstrong Tech

Mid last month, Mindstrong raised $14.5million to finance its effort to improve on the neuropsychiatric therapy. The startup aims to take advantage of the new technology and particularly use of Smartphone to solve various mental disorder issues. This series A funding involved reputable investors like ARCH Venture Partners and Foresite capital.

According to Mindstrong creator and CEO, Paul Dagum, objective approach is used in almost all other areas in the field of medicine, and it has proved to be of great use. Dagun feels that the current approach whereby the mental issues are assessed on the basis of clinical findings and the number of reported mental health cases is less effective than the objective approach the platform intends to achieve.

This startup, which was established back in 2014 can give a hint about the progress of the patient’s mind by examining how they use their Smartphone. The tech can analyze the words that the person used during a phone call, the time when the person calls, and translate these interactions to understand the functioning of the patient’s mind objectively.

Another good thing about this technology is that it collects information incessantly and passively. The co founder of Mindsrong, Dr. Tom Insel, noted that this is an achievement because it will allow a doctor to monitor the patients suffering from neurodegenerative or neuropsychological conditions without disturbing them. Therefore, the tech can be used to detect these disorders during their early stages and treat. Additionally, this technology makes treatment less costly.

During the release of this technology, Jim Tananbaum said that the team is bringing an in-depth understanding of the issues to do with the cognitive disorders. Jim formed Forsite Capital in 2011. This private firm was aimed to identify emerging leaders in the healthcare sector and then empowering them through giving them information and also supplying them with capital to enhance their growth.

Jim Tananbaum, who majored in computer science/ math and electrical at Yale, see, has always been enthusiastic about integrating computer science and health science.This ambition is the driving force that motivates him in his activities. His contributions in the ever-changing health sector are remarkable.


Continues To Innovate And Impress

NexBank is a community bank in Dallas, Texas, and they have been hard at work providing the needed financial services to those in the surrounding area, but they have also been working diligently over the past few years to expand into other service areas and sectors. President and CEO John Holt helped leverage the acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey which allows them 529 plan college-savings programs as a division of the strong NexBank name so that more students are able to achieve their education dreams.


As program manager for both the prestigious Indiana CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan and the renowned Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan there is a lot of good passing through the offices of NexBank nowadays. Parents can enroll their loved ones early and have all of the resources needed to send them to a great school by the time that they come of age to need that assistance. Founder James Dondero certainly has an instinct for making wise decisions in the industry, and he admits that he is confident that they will continue to carry on the great services under his watch.


The name that is known for their business acumen around the state of Texas is also not afraid to put their money into places where it can benefit those in need. NexBank donated funds to the families of the officers slain or wounded in the line of duty after the deadly sniper shootings shook the city to its core, and the management continues to look for similar areas where they can give back to those around them since much of their success is owed to that attitude of cohesiveness. Mr. Holt is well respected in the Texas Bankers community where he just recently attended the association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and participated in the discussion on Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.