How Fabletics is Taking on Bigger Online Retailers and Winning

Fabletics, the athletics leisurewear company known for its subscription model, is taking on much larger and more established retailers and sales seem to indicate that they are winning. The brand, fronted by actress Kate Hudson, is using modern and innovative strategies to continue to grow even as other brands have trouble keeping pace. The largest online retailer for women’s clothing currently is Amazon, a difficult company to compete with given their popularity and rock bottom prices. However the impressive growth Fabletics has shown suggests that women are beginning to trust them just as much.


One of the tactics that Fabletics has done best is called reverse showrooming. The term showrooming is a fairly new one that originated a few years ago, when retailers began seeing a new trend. Consumers would go to physical locations to see products or perhaps try on garments, but leave empty handed and actually purchase the items they like online, where they can find better prices. By maintaining only a few physical stores and keeping prices the same in store and online, and adding items tried on in the store directly to the online cart, Fabletics is able to avoid the issue of showrooming.


Another smart tactic by the brand was partnering with Kate Hudson. Although she had little background in business, Hudson was a perfect choice to represent Fabletics. Her approachable, laid back style and image speaks to the target consumer for the brand. As a working mom as well as a stylish celebrity, Hudson gives the brand authenticity. Unlike some of the other brands celebrities partner with, consumers find it easy to believe that Hudson actually wears the clothes and enjoys them.


To get started with Fabletics, users can go to the website and take the lifestyle quiz. By answering a few questions, the system will help them choose the right clothing for them. Once this is done, users can have an outfit that matches their preferences sent directly to their home. These specially chosen outfits arrive on a monthly basis, making it easy for workout enthusiasts to get comfy, stylish gear without having to go shopping.

Whitney Wolfe Marries Michael Herd

Whitney Wolfe is a young beautiful woman who is changing the lives of the people who are looking for partners. The businesswoman has been in the market for some time, and she is slowly taking the industry by a storm. Wolfe has been trying her best to bring couples together. Last month, the businesswoman married the love of her life. According to her close friends and business associates, Wolfe married an oil heir who has been dating her for several years. The chief executive officer of Bumble said her marriage vows in a very colorful wedding that was attended by some of the respected individuals in the United States business communities.

Early last month, Wolfe and her longtime boyfriend, Michael Herd chose to tie the knot in far away from their homes.The couple held the event in Italy, and they gave the guests attending an experience they would never forget. After the colorful event, the lovebirds started their honeymoon, and they say that they would be exploring France and Italy. The extended holiday is expected to take several weeks.

The families and friends of the two lovers were excited to witness as the couple made their wedding official. Wolfe and her boyfriend have been dating for close to three years now, and they decided to get engaged in July this year. The wedding has come as a surprise to many people who knew the couple. According to friends and family, Wolfe met her husband in the year 2014 during Valentine’s Day. In a very short duration, the couples became an item, and they have been together since then. Whitney Wolfe is very excited to have married the love of her life.

Wolfe has been in the entrepreneurial industry for some time now. After completing her education several years ago, the businesswoman partnered with a friend so that they could start a dating app known as Tinder. The company did quite well, and it gave the businesswoman the type of skills she was looking for in the competitive market.

Wolfe chose to resign from Tinder so that she could focus on making her own investment. The first application from Wolfe is known as Bumble, and its main objective is to connect single people who are looking for love. The application is very popular among all people, and it connects millions of people every day. Bumble has received several positive reviews due to the quality of services it has been offering individuals in the country.

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Brands Like Fabletics Are Tapping Into Online Review

According to the Huffington Post, a lot of major brands are now using the power of the crowd to increase sales and improve their brand. One such example is Fabletics. They have used the power of the crowd to increase their growth rate by more than two hundred percent. It now has over one million members. They attribute their success to the power of the crowd and how they leverage online reviews to increase trust in their brand.


The power of the crowd refers to online reviews, whether on blogs or on review sites such as Yelp. It could even be reviews on your own website. The fact is that people really trust online reviews. Research has shown that people trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from a trusted friend. This is opposed to traditional marketing and advertising. People do not trust what they see on ads, whether online or offline. People feel safe looking at feedback from other people online.


You would be surprised at how often people read online reviews before buying something. You would also be surprised to find out how many people actually do research online before making a purchase. Over fifty percent of consumers say that they read reviews online on a regular basis. At least sixty percent of consumers say that if they see a negative review online about a business, they will be deterred from making a purchase. You may have seen the phenomena of people doing research about a product online even when they are in a store and thinking of purchasing it there. You may be thinking that they are doing price comparisons. The truth is that that is only true around a third of the time! Around sixty five percent of the time, people are not doing price comparisons, but looking for user reviews online. This means that you need to leverage the power of the crowd even if you sell things in a physical store.


Brands get this. That is why so many companies are now leveraging the power of the crowd, just like Fabletics is. More than three quarters of the top consumer brands have reported that they leverage online reviews, according to research done on the matter. User reviews have grown the most. A lot of brands are tapping into this power to build trust and attract new customers.


It’s not just about trust and customer loyalty. The fact is that if you have more online reviews that are positive, your website and brand profiles will get boosted in the search engines. Google sees lots of positive reviews as an indication of how popular and well liked you are. If they think you are popular, they will push up your rankings.


Kate Hudson is a famous actor who supports Fabletics. Not only is she a fan of Fabletics and someone who actively endorses them, she is also heavily involved in the workings of the company. A lot of their growth has been attributed to her and her ideas.

Makeup For Animal Lovers

Lime Crime cosmetics is made up of bright, bold colors and lots of shimmer and shine. These in-your-face colors give you the power to create beautiful art. Better yet, they’re 100% vegan and cruelty free.


Beautiful makeup doesn’t always mean a furry creature had to suffer. Lime Crime has a magical line of makeup with zero animal cruelty, meaning no animal ingredients or byproducts, and the products are not tested on animals. You can now looks your best, guilt-free!


The colors are truly mystical, most notably the Diamond Crushers lip gloss that has an intense amount of fairy-like diamond shimmer. Lime Crime doesn’t like to limit you because they also offer the opposite — gorgeous matte lip stick in a ton of colors that will most definitely not bleed or dry out your lips. Whatever you’re looking for, this complete line has it.


Their eye shadows are real show-stoppers. The pigments are so intense and bendable allowing you to truly do something spectacular. Their “Superfoils” eye shadows really pop with color and a foil-like shimmery finish. No joke, they’re flying off the shelves and selling out. So beautiful! I really do understand why they say it’s “makeup for unicorns”, with such a rainbow of colors and finishes, you can really stand out and be gorgeously unique.


If you’re looking for modest, natural looking makeup, this isn’t it. If you want to be bold, stand out, make a statement, with a little grunge and a whole lot of sparkle and beauty, then look no further. I’m so excited to dive into my new, super popular, Venus Pallette. These warm hues will look gorgeous and compliment any eye color, and I can’t wait to experiment with the endless possibilities. This company is, for sure, a favorite and embodies the true gorgeous an gritty feeling of Los Angeles beauty.

How Fabletics Is Hitting The Online Industry

Fabletics is a very unique company that is taking the world to a new level. When Amazon has been doing so well, it’s incredible how they are trying to get into this industry in the small little way that they can. Fabletics is a wonderful brand that knows how to provide great activewear at great prices. With a small monthly investment, you get great recommendations and ideas on the clothes you may really be looking for. Fabletics is known for always coming up with unique activewear brands and bringing them to the right place.


They plan on having as many wonderful stores of Fabletics in the industry as possible. They want to create a place where women can come in with their memberships and try on all the clothes that they want without the pressure to buy something right away. Some women can have that opportunity to build upon incredible purposes where they can try on everything they want and buy the clothes later on but online. It’s so convenient and allows you to have plenty of window shopping and buy the items later on when you need to. They are bringing to life the reverse showroom technique that will definitely improve online shopping for women.


Kate Hudson is the woman who helped complete this brand. Working together with the company, she has helped them size the brand up to a whole new level and guide them to earning seriously good money. Kate Hudson is very famous and known for her acting prowess in incredibly popular movies. Her fame is helping bring the brand with her different approach of marketing and advertising. She has the skills of guiding the brand with her name. She goes into the office very often and strives to create an atmosphere where she can work in connection with everybody in the company.


One thing you will love about this brand is how they are striving to build a place where it’s so easy to get what you are looking for. If you are looking for specific activewear outfits, you can easily find it all in one special location with this site. The best part is that they have a nice quiz that you can take to help them learn more about what you want and what you are looking for. The brand is highly successful grasping its main and original goal of just simply providing efficient affordable clothing.

Reinventing Active wear For The 21st Century

When it comes to women’s activewear there are only a few that really gets your attention. The whole point of activewear is to provide the person with clothing attire that is comfortable to wear while participating in activities. These activities can be weight training, jogging, walking, exercising, or running errands around town. Unfortunately many of the items themselves aren’t up to par. This is where Fabletics comes into the picture and it is a hot new activewear line for women.


Fabletics was designed for women, by a woman. This woman just happen to be actress Kate Hudson whom the attire is a reflection of. This reflection mimics her every move (in-a-sense) since she’s heavy into living a healthy lifestyle. This fresh new line is of high quality, affordable, and inspires you to stay active. The brand offers a wide array of athletic apparel such as leggings, shorts, sports bras, and yoga pants. Many users of the products have stated that “the clothing is stylish and made of quality,” as well as being “very practical and serves an important function. What ever fitness or health goals you’re into or want to participate in, Fabletics will be comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.


The thing about this brand is that you can purchase whatever you like, but to get the best advantage would be to join it’s membership program. This exclusive program stands out by providing the brand’s activewear in deep discounts. That’s right! After becoming a member, all you need to do is pay the low monthly fee and Fabletics will personally send you clothing every month. Sizes and measurements are taken during the sign up process which guarantees you a more custom fit. You may be asking, why is there a monthly fee? To put it as simple as I can and like the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” rings true. Health and fitness takes time and to stay healthy means that you’ll have to stay active. Now you have a source of inspiration that keeps you motivated. Fabletics is the 21st Century’s reinventing of activewear and it’s setting new trends while raising the bar very high compared to it’s competitors.

Hot Topic’s New Star Wars Line of Clothing

Hot Topic has offered up a chic new line of clothing inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens to perfectly suit your inner fangirl. Everything you need to know about the apparel can be found. They’ve teamed up with the clothing company “Her Universe” who specialize in this kind of pop culture-related memorabilia which includes Marvel and Doctor Who merchandise to create these outfits inspired by the characters in the film. And the wonderful thing about this is that they come in various sizes that range from XS to 5X so anybody can rock these threads in style. Some of the designs include a Stormtrooper dress, a Rey cardigan, a Finn jacket, a Kylo Ren dress, a Poe dress, a Captain Phasma jacket, and a BB-8 dress; the best part? they all come in sizes XS to 3X.

And if you’re the type who craves fashion in every aspect of the term, then look no further than JustFab; the proprietors of your craving for all things stylish. Their products include shoes, boots, handbags, clothing, and jewelry. And if you’re wanting a look that matches that of some of the top celebrities of today, then “Fabletics” is the clothing line for; designed by Kate Hudson. If you want your kids to roll out in style as well, then try out their “fabkids” line which has everything you need for your boy or girl. Of course JustFab isn’t just for the women and kids; the men can also get in on the action too. With their “FL2” line, men can look their sharpest when it comes to exercising or just being out and about. If you’re intention is to simply look good while feeling good, whether it’s at the gym or beach, then JustFab is the place for you.

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How to Perfect the Kate Middleton Style Formula

Kate Middleton is one of the most iconic fashionistas in the world. Shiny hair. Check. Beautiful jacket. Check. But can you name the seven pieces she uses to perfect her royal look? Marie Claire breaks down her modern royal formula.

7 Items to Build Your Kate Middleton Style
1. Use a belt to show off your waist in your coat, formal gown, daytime short dress, or pantsuit.
2. Pair your jewel toned coat with a belt of course.
3. Once you find a skirt length that works for you, stick with it. Kate has very slender legs, so a just above the knee hemline works best for her while having enough length for a royal. Use one of your longer skirts with rigid fabric to test what works best for you. Using the same skirt will give a baseline for the test. Slowly roll up the skirt and pin it all the way around. Snap a picture and repeat until right before you hit a mini skirt length. Compare the photographs to see what truly works best for your figure.
4. Kate is the epitome of femininity. For formal affairs she embraces the lace dress with full or three-quarter length sleeves.
5. Fascinators are the only hat fit for a British royal. There are few instances outside of the U.K. one can pull off a fascinator, but you can use the styling tips from them. A fascinator is a tailored extension of an outfit and be as sharp and match every point. Apply this concept to your headwear.
6. The perfect and sensible wedge, flat, and pump takes time to wear in to be truly comfortable. If Kate can get the full mile out of her favorite shoes, so can you. Choose styles that will persist through the seasons.
7. The unexpected outfit once in awhile will keep everyone else on their toes. Know what works for you and stick to it, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

Start game planning your princess style by joining JustFab, a monthly subscription that designs you an online boutique fully stocked with handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry.

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Visionary Cosmetics from Lime Crime

The wild world of truly wearable, truly eye-catching and truly stunning makeup is evolving quickly, as fashion-forward young women gravitate towards brands that speak to them just the way they are. That’s why the Lime Crime makeup brand, founded by the unicorn-loving fashionista Doe Deere, is taking off like a rocket, bringing amazing new colors and styles to the sometimes staid world of lip gloss and eyebrow pencils.


Makeup maven Doe Deere seems to have hit a nerve with the glamour girls of today, by bringing on a makeup line that’s got that something extra. For Lime Crime, it isn’t enough to have a line of lipsticks that pretties up a girl’s pout. No, Deere has devised a line that makes a real statement.

In very bold hues that range from electric blue (“Cry Baby”) to gray toned pink (“Chinchilla”) to an intense scarlet (“Poisonberry”) Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick is designed to stun, in the most beautifully wearable way possible. These matte lipsticks have real impact, with an almost glow in the dark color tone that shows off a lady’s lips at their most gorgeous. The tagline for Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick is “For Lips That Speak Louder Than Words!” and there’s no question that these lip colors speak volumes.


The Lime Crime lipstick line also includes Deere on unique “liquid to matte” lip blend, called “Velvetines.” These lip colors go on smooth but set in a bold matte finish. These glossy matte lip colors have high impact and a slightly smoother look, yet the colors are utterly smashing.


As Doe Deere freely admits, the makeup from Lime Crime is meant for those women who want to make a bold statement about their look. And why not? Isn’t beauty meant to be savored, enjoyed and shown off? That’s the spirit behind the Lime Crime brand, which offers a kind of rock and roll vibe that’s also baby doll pretty.

From the fabulous grungy chic of Lime Crime’s Venus eyeshadow palette box, to the sassiness of the brand’s “Glitter Helper” glitter adhesive, it’s clear that these makeups are bold in a way few other cosmetic brands have ever dared to be. And why not? These fabulous colors have high-impact and wear beautifully. It’s all about making a statement, as if to say, “Yes, I’m beautiful, and I like to show it off. You got a problem with that?”

Doe Deere doesn’t have a problem with that at all. That’s why she created Lime Crime Makeup, and that’s why the glam crowd is rushing to buy it, wear it, and buy some more.