Capital Restructuring: How Can Madison Street Capital Help?

Many middle-market firms and businesses may occasionally find the need to expand or streamline their business plans. As such, funding these ventures may sometimes pose an issue. Madison Street Capital is a premier financial advising service to assist in these ventures. With a specialized expertise in finding corporate funding sources, Madison Street Capital has ready access to funds through corporate banking, private equity and investors, venture capital funds, and more. Professionals from this specialized investment firm will assess the business and its needs, and from there a plan can be specifically developed and tailored for the upcoming growth plan. Other areas to be addressed in these scenarios may include business valuation, reviewing finance relationships with clients and vendors, and debt restructuring. By appraising all aspects of the business, Madison Street Capital can confirm effective solutions for each business or firm. Additionally, Madison Street Capital has a vast amount of previous experience in corporate financing, including targeted start-up companies and funds for well-established companies alike, and their unbiased third-party reviews of portfolios demonstrate feedback that clients can rely on.

Madison Street Capital itself is a strong global presence and player in the investment firm world. Its main headquarters are based in Chicago, Illinois, but they can also be found overseas as far away as Africa and Asia. The firm focuses on all areas of fiscal knowledge and business capital. Its professional staff stand ready to assist with their dedicated service to customers and the community as a whole and to guide business to successful personal and monetary growth.

Aligning Technology and Business: The Career Of Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known business and technology executive. He has been instrumental in bringing new telecommunication and software products to the market. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir also has a strong business sense. He continuously managed to drop expenses for the various firms he worked for. Known as an innovative thinker, Mr. Kheradpir has contributed a great deal to modern life.

Born in London, Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir on facebook grew up in Iran. From there he attended high school at Aiglon College in Switzerland. A seasoned traveler he next went to the US. Once here he attended Cornell University where he earned a bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering.

He began his career by joining the GTE Corporation. There he worked on network routing, management, and control. Eventually, Mr. Kheradpir would become the Chief Information Officer where he was known for delivering new products on time. In 2000, GTE Corporation would join with Bell-Atlanta to form Verizon.

At first Mr. Kheradpir was president of e-business but it wouldn’t be long before he was promoted to Chief Information Officer and the Chief Technology Officer. Once there he began to contribute to the diversification of the firms telecommunication technology. He would lead a team of 7,000 persons that all worked to support the company’s IT systems and developing new programs such as Verizon One.

In 2001, Mr. Kheradpir formed small teams among his staff. Each of these teams would handle the conception and development of new product ideas. Eventually, there would be a 30 day expected turnover. While his staff worked hard and long hours, today many of them remember the time as exciting and with some fondness.

From 2002-2003, he was able to reduce the IT staff by over 20%. Mr. Kheradpir also reduced purchases from IT vendors by 30%. He was even able to get a change in Verizon’s policy that forbid the buying of IT equipment from ebay. Much of this equipment had belonged to persons caught in the failed .com craze and was is excellent shape. He also began outsourcing particular jobs to India since this move would save the company a great deal. Finally, he would install new software that increased the utilization of IT hardware.

While at Verizon Mr. Kheradpir would contribute to the conception and deployment of the FiOS among other things. Next he would move to Barclay where he stayed from 2011 to 2013. Initially, he held the title of Chief Operating Officer. Later he would be promoted to the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. While there he worked on the development of the Pingit money system, and the Transform program. His time with Barclay represented the first time a technology expert would be allowed to sit on the Board.

Next Mr. Kheradpir joined Juniper Network as the CEO. He would only stay from January to November of 2014. Despite his short time, he was instrumental in bringing out the Integrated Operating System. The program was designed to work with the unique needs of activist investors as their needs were very different from most other consumers. It specifically reduced expenses, helped to buy back lost stock and to increase dividends.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kheradpir contributed to reducing spending and bring the type of products needed today by the average person to the market. He excelled as both a technology and business executive.

Entrepreneurship is the Lifeblood of Growth


Entrepreneurs are essential in any economy because they provide the innovation and drive that a country needs to grow organically. Nowhere is the impact of entrepreneurs more apparent than within Silicon Valley in the United States. Silicon Valley has been an incubator for start ups from Facebook to Google and countless others (Apple calls Silicon Valley home as well). But if you rewind the story from the mature company stage you will find that the beating heart of innovation can be found in one or more entrepreneurs that have a good idea and the desire to put in the sweat equity to make it a reality.

Marc Sparks is just one example of such an entrepreneur. He currently is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Unistar Financial Service Corporation. As if that wasn’t enough he also serves as a Executive Member on the Compensation Committee. Marc Sparks is a well known entrepreneur in the insurance field. He has founded and led several insurance related corporations that he also owns so he is well aware of what it takes to be competitive in a very crowded, cut throat space like insurance. One of the other big aspects that almost all entrepreneurs have is a diversified stable of talents beyond just one field. They need to be a jack of all trades in many case and Mr. Sparks has that quality in spades as he brings extensive experience to the table in fields such as surety bonding, premium finance, and even investment banking to name a few areas. 

In the past few years, Marc Sparks has been busy managing a litany of different entities that he also owns. A property and casualty insurance companies, multi-location insurance agencies and a nationally recognized surety bonding agency are just a few examples of entities that Mr. Sparks is involved with. You can clearly see the diverse type of portfolio that Mr. Sparks manages which plays to the diverse talent that he exudes. 

Despite the stereotype that entrepreneurs thumb their nose at education and getting credentials, the opposite is true more often than not. Again to use him as an example, Marc Sparks debunks this stereotype. He holds a laundry list of licenses from the Texas Department of Insurance. The certification is as a Managing General Agent, Local Recording Agent and Surplus Lines Agent. The cherry on top is that he also has a Texas Premium Finance license. Of course it goes without saying that Mr. Sparks is certified by the Texas Department of Insurance to own and operate property and casualty insurance companies in Texas.

Marc Sparks is just one example, albeit a glowing one, of what an American entrepreneur looks like. They are passionate, strong leaders of innovation who make the American economy what it is in aggregate and over time. These entrepreneurs need to celebrated, nutured and encouraged.

Joseph Bismark and Health and Well Being in the Workplace


Having studied Buddhism from the ages of 7-19 years old, Joseph Bismark has a solid background in respect and mutual agreement among people. He has established a way to gain rapport through active listening and respect for the entrepreneurship of his own people in his company. 

He empowers people psychologically to make their own decisions, and spearhead their own sectors of the company in entrepreneurial roles within the larger company. Individuals feel empowered because they have all of the information and leeway that they need to be independent problem solvers.

Heath and the health of the community also plays an important role in this company’s umbrella. There is an entire branch of the company dedicated to helping the community in whatever ways seem reasonable. Helping people in general, and empowering them, has been a crucial strength of Qnet for years.

Bismark founded Qnet after he had branched of from his previous engagement the Qi group, which he also co-founded. He has used his Buddhist knowledge of mutual respect and agreement to bring wild success to his companies. Each person feel psychologically fulfilled, and is well informed through appropriate communication practies, to have the most ability to do the most important things that can have the most positive outcome, in a certain amount of time.

The goal of the workday is now to make connections, decisions, and feel spiritually fulfilled as each employee has the most positive and powerful impact that they can on themselves, their peers, clients, and the community on a daily basis. In this way, this positive psychological viewpoint is shared and adopted. This has been the strength of this company, and the cornerstone of Joseph Bismark’s success as an entrepreneur.

This article was based entirely on a similar article from the wordpress blog Left Handed Right Mind.