Rocketship Education Has Become the Talk of The Town

Rocketship Education is a name that describes the results of the concept behind the name. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools set in low-income neighborhoods where there are no excellent schools available.

The traditional setting of a classroom holding 30 or 40 students is not a perfect situation at all. It is probably one of the worst models there is as far as promotion of any quality learning at all. Put 20 to 30 students together in the same room at once and you have a perfect recipe for disruption.

Rocketship Education uses a technique that they call the “Blended Learning” approach, and its worth is demonstrated by the results. Rocketship does utilize a traditional classroom setting for general topics and to outline broader concepts and references. But those are then broken down into smaller groups for discussion and application. The digital learning sequences are utilized on an individual basis for each student where they have their own devices for this session.

Digital learning works well with rote and memorization, such as in math, historical facts, science facts and similar uses. The computer programs a digital exercise that is much like some of the games students are used to anyway. It is easy for them to learn from platforms to which they are used to using already.

Individualized tutoring is a method to tie everything together for the student because it is done in a one-on-one setting where the student learns to trust the tutor. It is a great way for the student to go back over any of the material that was not clear or was particularly difficult.

Learning turns out to be fun this way and students are able to take ownership of what they have accomplished. They learn at their own pace without any peer pressure or group dynamics getting in the way of the goal. Learning is useless unless it can be put to a practical purpose, and that is exactly what happens.

The test results tell the real story, as many of the Rocketship students are as much as a year ahead of their public school contemporaries upon graduation from Rocketship Education Schools.