Eva Moskowitz Transforms Educational System In Harlem

Eva Moskowitz is the revolutionary behind the recent successes found in charter schools all across New York. Initially, she ran for New York City Coucil with hopes of changing the ineffective systems in place in regards to public school. When this didn’t work, Eva Moskowitz took matters into her own hands. In order to fund Harlems first charter school, she used money from philanthropic means through her corporation Success Academy. The school’s main goal was to help minorities struggling with poverty. Quite rapidly, Harlems educational success and education symstem began to transform.


Employing unique core subject classes, Eva Moskowitz encourages alternative forms of thinking. In her schools, chess and debate are considered to be their own academic subjects. Through these two practices, students learn strategic thinking and the skills necessary for public speaking. The charter schools also have regular sports teams like many other schools but one other unique aspect is the creation of a math team. Students are provided opportunities to continue learning outside of the traditional classroom setting and encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities.


With the success in Eve Moskowitz first Charter school, she has since opened up 32 schools which cater to the needs of over 9,000 children in the New York area. Children in these schools test better on state exams than other schools in the area. One reason why Eva Moskowitz believes this happens is because her curriculum starts in kindergarten. Each student is expected to read a poem a day, so they become familiar with critical thinking and dissecting information. The second reason is because they encourage students to take their time and really think before making a decision. An example is if you have a minute to move a chess piece or solve a problem, they want you to take the entire minute to really think about the choice your about to make. Thanks to Eva Moskowitz and her dedication to improving the educational system, these revolutionary ideas in thinking are transforming the system one school at a time.

You can find her LInkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evamoskowitz