Beneful Brands And The Benefits These Brands Provide

All of the Beneful brands that are on the market seem to provide a special type of thing for dogs. When I was a kid I just thought that dogs ate dog food and that was it. I never considered anything like how a dog would need different types of foods in order to be healthy or grow. That is why the Beneful brand has become so important. There are several brands within the Beneful family that I have experience with, and much of this has to do with the fact that I have been to so many dogs.

I have puppies, and I always have been a fan of the Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. The name in the packaging tells you everything that you need to know. This is the classic example of a dog food brand that gives you the ingredients that are pertinent to small dogs and their growth into bigger healthier dogs. I read about the different ingredients, and I am glad that this Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies has the calcium rich food that is needed for growth. Many people are fans of this type of food because it gives you access to a brand that is supporting muscle growth for puppies. It is very important at this stage and the chewy chunks from this food have always been a hit with my dogs.

Another brand from the Beneful Facebook family that seems to be enticing to my bigger dogs is the Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food. My dogs are particularly fond of the chicken and rice flavors. This is the type of dog food that has become a hit at home because I have 2 adult dogs that were starting to get a little out of shape. I found that they were not eating right, but this dog food has fewer calories than a lot of the other brands out there.

I could also recommend the Incredibites Adult Dog Food because it is also a favorite among my dogs. I like the combination of vegetables and meats that are found with this brand. It has become something of a staple in the dog food world for many consumers.

All of these brands are dry, but my dogs are also fans of the Beneful Prepared Meals that are wet. This is dog food that I will give them as a treat once a week.