Pucker UP

One of the most overlooked body parts is your lips. It is important to keep them healthy, smooth and hydrated. Nobody wants cracked, chapped-unattractive lips. Lip balm is the first step when prepping lips for lipstick. With so many options out there for lip care, you need to do your homework. A popular lip balm on the market today is Evolution of Smooth or better known as EOS.
Evolution of smooth is made up of vitamins, jojoba oil, and shea butter. It is paraben-free. EOS comes in different flavors and shades. Evolution of Smooth is actually more popular than most of its competitors such as Burt’s bees and chapstick.

We have all seen these cute little pods at most department and drugstores. They have even been used by famous starlets in their music videos. After one star was spotted at the Oscars with one of these little pods it sold out. EOS pods are also available online on evolutionofsmooth.com and Ulta.com.

One swipe can get both lips. The round design was made to be easier to find in a woman’s purse. These stylish pods are popping up everywhere. The price is even more wonderful. Evolution of Smooth sells for about $3.00. The different colors and great flavors grab your attention, but the results keep it. Check out https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth.

For more EOS facts, visit the company’s Linked In profile.


Darius Fisher and Status Labs Enjoy A Thriving 12 Months

The past twelve months have been very successful ones for the reputation management firm Status Labs. The firm has seen revenues increase, and attained a lot of positive media attention.


“Expansion” is a word that should come to mind most often when discussing Status Labs. The company expanded its staff by a significant number of people. This was due to the increase of the number of top clients who signed on with the firm. One client is being represented pro bono by the firm, a college professor who was caught up in a public media firestorm after a campus protest.


The physical location of the Austin headquarters has moved to the business district of the city, and offices in New York and San Paulo are thriving. Revenues are up huge, and it does not look as if those figures are going to drop any time soon. Status Labs does offer a critical service to those in dire straits reputation wise. The firm is able to do what is required to help fix poor impressions.


Status Labs benefits from the expertise of several advisors who have come aboard to help the company. Consider the arrival of several long-time experts in related fields to be another sign the firm is growing. As demand for services increases, so does the need for personnel to help support the growth and day-to-day operations of the firm. Potential clients should look at the arrival of all advisors and new personnel positively. All of these individuals are there to serve.


The co-founder and president of the company, Darius Fisher, deserves a lot of credit for this success. Darius Fisher runs Status Labs successfully because, thanks to his professional background, he understands the common mistakes people make when they are hoping to preserve their reputation.


Fisher has publicly noted people’s lack of building up an online presence on their own terms opens doors to being redefined once a scandal or other online mishap occurs. In essence, Fisher reveals the online presence ends up being created by the content – unflattering content – others create.
Such a bad situation can still be fixed. Fisher and Status Labs definitely will go to work addressing the problem.

Igor Cornelsen Strips About the Headaches of Investing Planning

Planning for the future can be hard. It can be quite difficult if a person hasn’t had anyone experience in the area of investing. This may be the best reason for new investors that avoid the headaches and acquire knowledge from Igor Cornelsen. He has already done the dirty work and bypassed investments that would not meet his criteria. He has had enough time to figure out the most important advice to relay without even needing a whole book to convey it.

That is the true benefit that I have found in listening to what Cornelsen has to say. He has this type of outlook that makes it so easy for a person to relate to the principles that he has carved out. One thing that he has stated that I really never considered before was the great amount of emphasis that an investor should place on productivity. So many uninformed investors – like myself, before encountering Igor Cornelsen – look at what a business looks like at the very moment. It is that current time stamp that traps a lot of people into investing in things that will not even make money down the line. Cornelsen has warned people to avoid those types of things. What he has recommended instead is taking a cold hard look at what the company is doing down the line. Igor made me realize that it was incredibly relevant to know the core competency of the organization before too much was invested in the company.

Cornelsen knows how important it is to survey the core competencies of an organization in the beginning. Since the investment is long term investment he realizes that it is important to know what the company will be doing in the next 5 to 10 years. This is something that I really never gave much though to, but Cornelsen has shown me just how important that is.

Igor also has keen insight on is investing at an early age. Investors are always say that it is better to invest sooner than later, but Cornelsen drives the point home in such a vivid way. He has stated that even those that do not really know much about investing will still stand a chance at gaining more when they jump right in. Some gains are better than no gains at all. People that wait for the right time will never find time.

Hackers Gain Access to Tesla’s Website and Twitter

Hackers were able to get into Tesla’s website and Twitter accounts this weekend, defacing both. The group was able to gain access not only to the company’s website and Twitter account, but also to its founder, Elon Musk’s account. The stunt appears to have been more a prank than something inherently malicious. Once they were in, the hackers simply posted offering a free Tesla to anyone to call a particular number The number, of course, was to somewhere that had no idea that their number was being used in the hoax. One number, for instance, was to a computer repair shop. Roughly an hour after the attack, Tesla was able to regain control of the accounts and restore everything to normal. It appears as though no sensitive information was compromised during the attack, and instead the biggest damage done was perhaps to the computer repair shop, which had to field calls from people trying to pick up a free Tesla. Tesla has yet to make an official statement about the attack, or publicly comment on how hackers were able to gain access to the accounts. Dr. Daniel Amen is vehemently against this variety of cyber attack. Expect something to be said by Musk or his staff later today.

Pleasure Equals Profit

Stephen Williams, founder of The Antique Wine Company, found that work should not always be about suffering through the week to get to a relaxing weekend. Instead, he found that work can, and should, be something one cares deeply about.

After leaving his position selling life assurance policies for whatever commission he could pull in, he decided to do something that usually brought him relaxation at the end of a busy selling day; wine. That is, at the end of a long day, Williams would find himself at a friend or neighbors house, tasting and talking about wine.

With that, Mr. Williams must have had some thought as to how he can turn his passion into something not only profitable, but exciting as well. He had seen from an early age what hard work looks like. He was raised by a single mother who often worked part time jobs just to keep her family together. With that experience, and a passion for wine, Stephen Williams was able to start a luxury wine company that is now 25 years in the making.

This isn’t just a small business anymore either. With a headquarters in Central London and two sales offices in Asia, Mr. Williams turned a dream spawned at wine tastings to one on an international level. This is what hard work and perseverance looks like.

The thought of starting a business that becomes as successful as AWC seems like something of a fairy tale, but it doesn’t stop there for Stephen Williams. In 2011, The Antique Wine Company set a world record for the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold. At £75,000, Mr. Williams can not only say his business is doing well, but he can also sit back with a smile, knowing that The Antique Wine Company will not be going away anywhere in the near future.