ClassDojo: Transforming Classroom Experiences for Students, Teachers, and Parents through Video, Picture and Message Sharing

ClassDojo is a classroom communication app designed to bring students, teachers, and parents together. The app was incepted in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The team behind this excellent app comprises of designers, engineers, and educators who understand the school systems well.

The Features

ClassDojo aims at offering every child and teacher an exceptional classroom experience where they share their experiences with the parents. The app is designed with excellent features that are easy to use for all parties involved. The Classroom feature allows the teachers, students, and parents to create a conducive environment that they can share progress and feedback. The Stories feature allows sharing of pictures and videos captured on school days. The feature is designed to place each picture to the appropriate audience. School Stories allow the school management to share information with every family associated with the institution. Class Story shares with the people associated with the class. Student Stories allows a student to create a profile that she or he can share his or her own school experiences.

The messages feature on ClassDojo is a powerful tool that allows the school management, teachers, and parents to share instant messages. The feature doesn’t require the user to provide their contact or phone details. The remarkable thing about the feature is that it is accessible in over 35 different languages. It also has a sub-feature called Quiet Hours that notifies the parents when the teachers are offline. Besides class work, ClassDojo is interested in the emotional and social growth of the students. The app offers the Original Content: Big Ideas feature that caters for such development of the social and emotional skills. In partnership with Stanford PERTS, ClassDojo created the Growth Mindset part of the feature. The other subsection of the feature is Empathy created in collaboration with Harvard’s Making Caring Common.


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Talk Fusion: Always on top of Their Game

When it comes to companies that stay at the top of their game, all of the time, the one name that always pops up and comes up is Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. They are known for their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. An IT team that is on the cutting edge of what is popular and knows what the people want designs all of these. They also have a CEO in Bob Reina that is a people person and gives back every chance that he gets. He never turns down the chance to do that.

In fact, the product is so good and so cutting edge that it won two awards from the same company in 2016. That is mighty praise and quite a feat to say the least. That does not happen to just any company out there. They have worked very hard to get there, and their latest award from the Technology Marketing Corporation was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Again, keep in mind; this is the second time they have won an award from what is described as a media giant in the article. This award was truly earned.

Bob Reina has often spoken about looking for the next big thing. That is the kind of attitude that has kept Talk Fusion afloat for ten years and kept them popular in the IT world. A lot of founders tend to get lazy and content when they have success. They feel as though they have it made in the shade and there is no more work to be done. That has never been the way for Bob Reina or anyone at Talk Fusion. They do not take this award or any award for granted. They also cherish their customers. Click here to discover more about Talk Fusion.

They value their customers and they keep their ear to the ground. They are incredibly happy with the product, but nothing is a finished product and it is always expanding to be even bigger and better. The future is bright for a company like Talk Fusion and its customers.

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Talk Fusion Won for Video Chat

Talk Fusion is a fabulous video marketing solution for those people that want to be special in their niche. Most companies are all the same vanilla thing. Talk Fusion can help you be set apart though. Recently, this was noticed by the Communications Solutions Products of the Year, when they received that prize. Here is a little bit about the reason why they were selected.


The award was created to place the focus on the business that offered the best video communications in the market. There is no doubt that this has been easily achieved now. As the very first integrated all in video marketing company, they offer all of that plus data and voice in an ever expanding package that is perfect for those who wish to try it before they make a purchase.


As if that isn’t enough, they also are looking to expand into other areas soon. How many other companies are set up this way? iTunes and Google Play carry the app, and users can communicate from literally any device that has internet access. It can be mobile data or wireless. Either one works just fine.


Communication is important in business today. Everyone values it. The ability to communicate by any means anywhere is even better. It makes the world seems smaller, and in business, you really can’t go wrong there. That’s what Talk Fusion is really all about.


The 3o day trial is an amazing way to check it out for yourself. You can see if it suits your needs and allows you to have what you want. You can even have that access from anywhere. Isn’t easy what it’s all about today? It’s little wonder how Talk Fusion won the award. CEO of TMC Rich Tehrani even had a press release specifically to honor Talk fusion when they won the award.


Who will win the 2017 award? Nobody knows that one, but one thing is certain: when it comes to the best communications for business, or anyone really, Talk fusion is the best choice so far. Even TMC would definitively agree on that one.