Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Specialty is in Emergency Medicine

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency medicine doctor that has an extensive background of experience in the medical industry. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel went to school and graduated from the Louisiana State University of Medicine, located in New Orleans, in 2012. He is located in Tallahassee, Florida and has been there for a while now. He has his medical degree and has over ten years of professional medical experience. His specialty is in emergency medicine and this is what he has focused on for the majority of his career. Overall, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has great ratings from his patients which means that he is a doctor that demonstrates excellence in his field of study. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has a passion to help others through the power of medicine. He handles emergency situations with care and delicacy. He administers medicine and knows how to quickly and promptly address the problem and come up with a solution. Dr. Eric Forsthoefe works in the emergency department in hospitals and knows how to remain calm and work efficiently even with all of the chaos that goes on in this particular department. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel oversees and administers cases that involve trauma, cardiac problems, fractures, acute and severe conditions and many other situations that are likely to be seen in the emergency room department. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a physician who is trained to be able to make life-threatening decisions on the spot so that the patient can be able to have a higher chance to live. He is able to react to medical crisis in a positive way and is able to help others immediately in a safe and efficient manner. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a highly ranked emergency physician who takes pride in his work and who is someone who should be admired for all of his hard work that he is able to accomplish.


Using his extraordinary Bitcoin Growth Bot, finance manager, and computer programmer, Jordan Lindsey, knows how to help maximize investor potential in Forex and at JCL Capital.

JCL Capital is a finance company that was founded in 2005 by the investor, computer algorithm developer, and money manager, Jordan Lindsey. His company assists clients by reaping big financial returns on investment. Lindsey is an innovator, and also the developer of a cryptocurrency growth bot that operates in conjunction with Bitcoin in specific financial markets.

Jordan Lindsey produced the first trading bot used with a financial lending program. Because of this algorithm, Jordan Lindsey’s company has been able to make investors exceptional monthly and yearly returns on their money with Forex trading. Lindsey is quite adept in equities. And this includes working with blockchain technology. Mr. Lindsey was self-taught and built his computer programming skills from scratch. Lindsey worked to make Internet-based platforms synchs with bots and finance-based programs. One of these new computer algorithms that he developed resulted in him having a direct influence on how users exchange Bitcoin.

In addition to living abroad in countries like Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mr. Lindsey took classes at Mount Angel Seminary and also at St. Joseph’s College. While attending college, Jordan Lindsey did not choose a path in the software engineering, computer science, or economics milieu. Even though Jordan Lindsey was not an engineering major, he was fond of the financial markets. It was this interest in the financial markets that ended up being a key constituent of Jordan’s business success.

Lindsey programmed an algorithm (bot) that works with specific financial markets like Forex. The Bitcoin Growth Bot, a computer program that Lindsey envisioned, then brought to fruition, is utilized in the Forex markets. The bot that Lindsey hatched is the first third-party verified program ever used in the cryptocurrency markets. Lindsey was self-driven into a rare place in the financial world as a technology forerunner in finance.

Lindsey has had a noteworthy record hatching finance companies before Lindsey got deeply involved in blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Jordan Lindsey once held the position of Vice President at Maximum Capital Management. He was also an advisor at Energia Global and the CEO and founder of Prive Information Services.


Clay Siegall Strives to Bring More Cancer Therapy drugs to The Market

Scientists are in the race to discover more drugs for cancer treatment. Clay Siegall stands tall among the researchers who have managed to bring to fruition some of the best cancer therapies. He is the man behind Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm that does research on antibodies and converts them into cancer drugs. Founded nearly two decades ago, Seattle Genetics has continued to grow and is soon likely to attain the status of a pharmaceutical company.

Currently, the market value of the oncology company stands at about $10 billion, while the number of employees has surged to over 900, making Seattle Genetics the leading biotech company in Washington. Clay Siegall, the chairperson, president, CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics, says that they are focused on becoming giants in the oncology industry who are capable of supplying the market with a wide range of cancer drugs. The company’s long list of drugs on pipeline points out its commitment to this course.

In the quest to transform into a pharmaceutical company, Seattle Genetics has moved beyond drug development to making international marketing a central part of its operations. The past partnership with Takeda Oncology gave the company a chance to learn about the dynamics of marketing new drugs in the international market. Clay believes that with this experience, they will be able to navigate all the hurdles faced by new drugs in globe scenes. The increased attention on the global market saw the firm open offices in Switzerland, and this was followed by a $2 billion bid to acquire worldwide rights for commercialization of cancer drugs.

International marketing is perhaps the reason the sales of Seattle Genetics have increased by over 46 percent since 2014. In the same period, the stock price appreciated from $20 to $66.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He serves as president and CEO; additionally, he sits at the board of the company as the chairperson. Dr. Siegall has used his leadership skills to steer Seattle Genetics into becoming a premier biotech company. The approval of ADCETRIS by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is one of the milestones the company has achieved under Siegall’s leadership.

Dr. Siegall also has played a pivotal role in raising massive capital for the operations of the company. Besides holding demanding roles at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall, alongside Matthew Fust, was appointed to the board of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. as directors.