The Story Of Whitney Wolfe And How She Joined The Tech Industry

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an American based entrepreneur who was born at Salt Lake City in 1989. She has been among the few women who have managed to dominate in the tech industry. In fact, she has been very focused towards career development and also achievements. Whitney Wolfe has been recognized globally for her great contributions in the dating apps world. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bumble.

The company today is the fourth most popular dating site across the world. She is also a co-founder of Tinder, the most popular dating app. She has been able to possess great skills in the industry for having a chance to manage the leading giants in the industry. According to research done by Forbes, the company is now worth more than 2 billion dollars which is a huge growth margin from its original starting capital of less than $1 million.

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Whitney Wolfe was named by the famous Business Insider in 2016 at top 30 under 30 women in the tech industry. She has also been named twice, 2017 and 2018 respectively by Forbes. She is continuing to do a great job in his career and has a passion for what is he doing. She was also named in TIME 100 list in April 2014 and thus an indication that Bumble is doing very well. In fact, she has been able to create a vertical that has added Bumble some unique features. The vertical is called Bumble BFF for adding friends, and this has greatly helped it gain more subscribers.

Whitney Wolfe is from a well up family. His father is a famous property developer based in his motherland Utah. She has become a very influential person and has always been motivated to career success. Her mother used to stay at home to take care of their only daughter. Later she went to join the famous Southern Methodist University. She had a passion for marketing and enrolled for a course in International Studies. This is what gave her the confidence to serve in her career. She got a job which they were to develop a project. It failed, and they teamed up to develop Tinder.

Breaking the “Glass Ceiling” and Helping Women Succeed in Business: Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a role model for women who want to break the glass ceiling. Her successful career as a consultant for a male-dominated company provides the proof that women can succeed in whatever they do. McGalla’s background is interesting. Her father and two brothers actively encourage her to push boundaries that most women are afraid to cross. She knows that she can count on them to not mollycoddle her and give her information she needs to do her job.

McGalla’s expertise is in the fashion industry. She has worked for American Eagle Outfitters and WetSeal on a number of marketing campaigns. She started her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, as a way to capitalize on her experience as a marketing professional. American Eagle Outfitters did provide McGalla with the tools she needed to make it on her own. One of her biggest challenges was pushing through the stigma associated with women working in a male-dominated industry.

Breaking the glass ceiling isn’t easy. There are many obstacles to overcome. McGalla’s pluck and determination are what has helped her overcome some of these obstacles. McGalla understands that there are going to be men that feel threatened by her tenacity to get the job done. She also understands that it does take support from like-minded women to truly succeed in business.

McGalla has had some successes. Her biggest accomplishment was becoming President and Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters. This is considered a big accomplishment because American Eagle Outfitters had only male executives on staff. Her experience at WetSeal cemented the skills she acquired at American Eagle. She was then able to take that experience and use it to start her own consulting business.

Challenges are part of life. McGalla realizes that meeting challenge does take strength and flexibility. It is important to understand that you can’t just sit and wait for things to happen. McGalla proves every day that you must take action and assert yourself. It also takes creativity and determination to move forward and strive to be the best you can be. McGalla reflects that her upbringing helped.

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