Harry Harrison Barclays

Harry Harrison began envisioning his career in the financial services industry nearly 28 years ago while he was still inside the classroom. As an economics major at the University of Warwick and later as a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, Mr. Harrison became fascinated by macroeconomic forces and their effect on corporate strategy. This fascination would eventually lead him to one of his first career experiences, working as a derivatives trader. Mr. Harrison would later go on to manage teams of fixed income sales and trading traders before working with Barclays.

In 2003, after being transferred to New York with Barclays, Harry Harrison found himself with a new objective: establish Barclays as a major player in the US rates market. Realizing that a copycat strategy would not to work against dominant US investment banks, Mr. Harrison resorted to the strong electronic trading capabilities that Barclays had developed throughout Europe. At a time when electronic bond trading was starting to gain a foothold in the US, a time when no one was willing to disrupt the status quo that existed within the “voice” interest rate swap market, Mr. Harrison saw an opportunity; he helped to lead Barclays in a new direction. While under Mr. Harrison’s leadership, Barclays quickly became the dominant industry player, converting clients to Non-Core’s new form of execution.

After recently winding down $110 billion worth of businesses (which Barclays no longer wanted to be in), Harry Harrison has now stepped aside as Head of Barclays Non-Core, in order to spend more time with his family. Both Harry and his wife Amy spend their time together improving their physical, mental and spiritual well being, through the practice of yoga. The husband and wife team credit yoga with helping them to navigate the stresses of work and family life. Both Harry and Amy spend much of their time tending to their two small children and also to their play dates, upset stomachs, sprained wrists and homework assignments.

Since taking a break from working, Harry Harrison has rediscovered the pleasures of reading. Two of his recommended reads include Bill Gates’ “The Road Ahead” and Michiko Kakutani’s “The Death of the Truth”. His recommendations extend to entrepreneurs as well. Mr. Harrison shares advisory roles in venture capital, private equity and fintech firms.

Mr. Harrison cites his wife, Amy Nauiokas, who is also the founder and president of Anthemis Group, as being the one entrepreneur who he spends the most time with. Amy’s ventures have included premiering movies at film festivals and organizing a retreat at the top of a mountain in France, on the future of financial services.

When speaking of his own entrepreneurial strategy, Mr. Harrison advises that by tackling things as they arise and by avoiding long to-do lists, he finds increased productivity. One new piece of technology that he attributes to improving his productivity is Waze, a new navigation app. Other startup companies which have caught the attention of Mr. Harrison include fintech adjacency startups like Flo, KWH and Trov.

Harry Harrison advises other entrepreneurs to enjoy the journey as much as their results. He suggests that entrepreneurs should not only celebrate the good times, an entrepreneur should celebrate the interactions found in daily life as well. His belief is that nothing can beat the combination of diversity, humiliation and collaboration. Mr. Harrison leaves us with this quote from Dale Carnegie, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

The Life and Times of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger, the CEO of Gulf Western, also acts as the President and the Director of Gulf Western. While this is his present passion, Matthew Fleeger did not always work in the oil and gas industry.

Born into a family that was rooted and grounded in oil and gas, he chose to study other options during his time in college. Matthew Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University, studying finance and marketing while he would later pursue his BA in business. It would seem that with his father already spearheading the development of Gulf Western that he would be anxious to jump in with both feet, but he wanted to earn his own way and achieve his own goals.

Admirably, he stuck with his programs of study, but he did enter into the oil and gas industry once he graduated college. Matthew Fleeger worked for several companies that are based out of Texas, and eventually he did work with Gulf Western. His father had founded the company over a decade prior to him entering the marketplace. It was here that he would use his finance and marketing skills to aid in the running of these companies and their daily operations.

It was in 1993 that Matthew Fleeger wanted to stretch his wings, and he launched a company called MedSolutions Inc. This company was structured to be a diverse holdings company that would specialize in the transportation and disposal of medical waste. Additionally, the company was also involved with the treatment of medical waste, and over the course of several years, he grew the company into a household name within medical facilities all across the country. Working as the President and CEO of the company, he negotiated a sale to the well-known Stericycle for around $59 million dollars. Today, he is instrumental in growing Gulf Western.

Louis Chenevert Comes To Retirement After Helping Companies Net Billions Of Dollars

Speaking on strategies that produce success, Louis Chenevert lists open thinking, relentless focus, elimination of roadblocks and thinking big as staples in his bag of tricks. In his career, Louis Chenevert has overseen giant corporates and left each with admirable accomplishments.

A graduate of the University Of Montreal Business School, and an MBA under his wing, Louis Chenevert has enjoyed an excellent career. With his Degree in Production Management, he landed his first role at General Motors in Canada before transitioning into the aerospace industry.

Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), before joining United Technologies Corporation (UTC). After joining UTC in 2006, as Chairman, Chenevert moved up to be the director in the same year. In 2008, Louis Chenevert was on the move again, this time to become the CEO and president of UTC, succeeding George David. While other companies were moving production into other countries to save on costs, Chenevert, swan upstream by choosing to move all production back home. He argued that cheap labor would mean cheap products. He focused on UTC producing superior products, and production being in the same country would be easier for him to keep an eye on things. In this view, he moved his engineers to Connecticut, and he felt this would improve on efficiency.

Louis Chenevert’s six-year stint at UTC came with notable successes. By the time he retired in 2014, the share price stood at $117, up from $37 in 2008. The F135 engine that he tirelessly worked on with his team acquired a $240 million contract with the U.S Navy. He also oversaw the acquisition of the GOODRICH Corporation during his tenure, which also was also noted for ranking UTC as one of the highly profitable conglomerates in the US.

After his retirement in 2014, Chenevert took time to enjoy his interest and hobbies, as well to the Yale Cancer Center as the Chairman to the Advisory Board. Ten months after his retirement, Louis Chenevert surprisingly took up a position as a Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs. His life reveals a life lesson: nobody is born to be poor. You can be anything you want no matter your past.



A Brief History of Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group

A Brief History of Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a unique asset management firm headquartered in the United States. Despite its humble start as a small firm, the group has persistently grown to a giant organization managing a global portfolio of key companies in the telecommunication, clean energy, hospitality artificial intelligence, and financial industries.

When was it founded?

Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. The group’s co-founders were able financial experts in chief investment and financial service providers like BlackRock Financial Management, Goldman Sachs, and UBS.

During that period, the investment firm focused on New York and Toronto’s real estate markets. Within the first five years, its assets grew rapidly from $400 million to over $3.9 billion. Later on, it diversified its investment portfolio to hedge funds and debt securities.

The present-day Fortress Investment Group

Presently, Fortress Investment Group is a giant investment company that serves its clients in Asia, United States, Europe, and other countries around the world. It collaborates with an experienced team of experts who specialize in:

  • Capital markets
  • Running mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset-based capitalizing
  • Management of physical and financial assets
  • Investing in highly complex investment vehicles

Fortress Investment Group’s Team of Executives

Fortress Investment Group runs under the management of Wes Edens, the co-founder, Peter Briger, the co-chairman, Randal Nardone, the co-founder, Daniel Neal, the chief financial officer, and Marc Furstein, the managing director.

Fortress Investment Group’s Accomplishments

The company has diversified into other fast-growing investment vehicles that have expanded its asset worth. In 2007, the company purchased one of the largest ski resort operator serving North America and Canada. In the same year, IPO honored it as the first private equity to be traded of NYSE.

In 2010, Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group acquired American General Financial Services, Logan Circle partners, and Mount Kellet. In 2015, the company ventured into Cryptocurrency, a new but rapidly growing investment vehicle.

Despite its humble beginning, FIG has grown to one of United States’ companies managing assets worth billions of dollars. In 2017, Softbank bought the investment group. However, it remained under the management of able executives like Wes Edens, Nardone, and Bridger.

Virtual Assets Enhanced By WAX And Malcolm CasSelle

As a world leader in the sale of virtual assets, OPSkins is also one of the largest bitcoin merchants. At the end of 2017, they have set out to remain at the top by introducing a new way for players to exchange these assets far more reliably than even now. To become a world leader you must also look at ways to improve and Malcolm CasSelle, Cheif Technology Officer of OPSkins, would agree.

Virtual assets are the clothes, weaponry or otherwise skins that players add to their characters in-game. In a similar vein as how you and I might want to express our individuality in the clothes we wear and the accessories we sport. The only difference is that gamers buy these assets with virtual currency; cryptocurrency more specifically. These altcoins come in various forms and across many marketplaces. Unfortunately, the way things were, fragmentation and fraud remained concerns.

OPSkins addresses these concerns with WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), a new blockchain platform for the masses. Though it remains geared towards in-game assets, it is not a strict reason for being. The aim is to allow for gamers access to a platform for strips away fragmentation and establishes a high-level of trust among buyers and sellers.

WAX accomplishes this by allowing gamers to tokenize their assets, and in effect creates a smart contract. In a given transaction the smart contracts act as an internal means of establishing trust, something not possible before. Lastly, because WAX is a blockchain based platform, it is also decentralized. This decentralization is a stark contrast to the previous centralized platform that led OPSkins to their success.

Malcolm CasSelle, a computer science graduate from MIT and Stanford University, is President of WAX in addition to his role at OPSKins. He posses years of experience when dealing with startup and projects much like WAX. CasSelle’s interests are also ripe for it as well; he enjoys video games and cryptocurrency, among other things.

He has found himself living aboard most of his professional career preceding his higher education. As of late, he lives in Las Angeles, California near to the headquarters of the two companies he works.

Find out more about   Malcoim Casselle: https://www.waxtoken.com/

David Giertz Explains How Critical It Is For Advisers And Clients To Talk About Social Security

David Giertz is a financial expert who has worked as both a financial adviser and executive in the financial industry for more than 30 years. He earned his undergraduate degree at Millikin University and at the University of Miami he graduated with an Executive MBA. Several times in his career he has addressed how important it is for financial advisers to talk about social security with their clients, especially in the current day where most people don’t retire with a pension.

In an interview, David Giertz pointed to research to back up his thoughts about social security. He said the research shows that if a client feels like their adviser avoids talking about social security they’re perfectly ok finding someone else to help them. So, if an adviser wants to keep their clients they need to talk about social security, he says.

He also says that clients really do need help navigating social security because it really is incredibly complicated even among such things you would think are simple like when to start drawing on it. He says that each client has individual needs and goals that need to be addressed by a really good adviser so that they don’t make mistakes they come to regret.

David Giertz spent most of his career to this point working for Nationwide Financial, including as a president. For a time he led their sales and distribution department and during his tenure the revenue increased from $11 billion to $17.8 billion per year. He was responsible for the strategy and products that the company sold through third parties like independent brokers and dealers. The products he oversaw included life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, and retirement plans.

Throughout his career, David Giertz has given back to the communities in which he lives and works. For example, he once served as the chair of the board of trustees for Millikin University, the college he got his undergraduate degree at. He also helped out the Broward County Girl Scouts organization by serving on their board of directors. Additionally, while living there he was on the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

Norman Pattiz podcast icon

Norman Pattiz who established Podcast One and serves as its chief executive chairman is a popular media personality in America. He had earlier founded other media ventures such as Westwood that became one of America’s biggest broadcaster of all sorts of news, music and talk shows. His passion for quality programming made him establish the Courtside Entertainment Group that is based in Los Angeles. The company is concerned with producing and financing multi-platform programming. The company has made great leaps of success as it serves as the home of media celebrities such as Laura Ingraham and Ron Paul.


In recognition of his exemplary performance in the media industry, he was appointed in the year 2000 to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Bill Clinton. He was reappointed to the board again by President George Bush in 2002 (https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-pattiz). He was tasked with the responsibility to conjure up and launch an American radio and television that would broadcast in the Arabic language and extend the platform to the twenty-two countries in the Middle East. His knowledge, counsel and business acumen is highly sought, and this has landed him positions at institutions. Norman is the Chairman of the national laboratories of Lawrence, Los Almos, and Livermore. He has also received awards such as the Giants of Broadcasting from the Library of American Broadcasting.


Of all media ventures associated with Norman Pattiz, it is Podcast One that has been the most successful. Founded in 2012, Podcast is the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programs. Additionally, it has a host of famous media personalities and brands in its lineup. These include Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, and Larry King among others. The company has expanded its list of celebrities by bringing Norman Lear on board where he will host a weekly podcast (http://www.hsacouncil.org/norman-pattiz/). He is a legendary Second World War media artist, and he will be joined by his friend and actor Paul Hip.


Norman’s show will feature topics such as comedy, music, celebrities, and ordinary people among others. The show will start with new episodes on Podcast’s online platforms. Norman joins other celebrities such as Julia Louis, Jerrod, and Ferrera who featured sports and religion. Norman is ready to give an all-inclusive podcast, and Pattiz is happy for having him in the company. At the age of ninety-five years, he has vast experience and has won awards such as the National Medal of the Arts.


Cassio Audi’s Music Career in the 1980s

Many people associate Cassio Audi with his career in the finance industry. However, what most people do not know is that he had a musical career prior to his current one. At the time, Cassio was in a band called Viper. In fact, he was one of the rock band’s founding members. Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Passarel were the other band members. Cassio Audi was in charge of the drums, and he played with the band until 1985.

Viper’s style and choice of music was heavily influenced by Iron Maiden as well as the metal music that had taken over Britain at the time. Those who followed Audi’s musical career say that he would have made a big career out of music. His prowess with the drums was a skill which was appreciated by many from all over the world. When Viper releases their first album, the Killer Sword, Audi’s drum skills were further appreciated by the world.

The Killer Sword, Viper’s demo album, was finally released as their first album in 1987, and had hits such as Princes from Hell, Nightmare and Killera. The released album was called Soldiers of Sunrise, and it had a few adjustments. However, critics were quick to point out that the band’s music needed a bit more refinement. The same album was released a few more times, and it was even given a 4-star by Allmusic.

When Audi left the band in 1989, Viper went on to release their most successful album known as Theatre of Fate. The Brazilian’s professional music career came to a halt when he joined the University of Sao Paulo to study business administration. The rest, as they say, is history. However, he is still a big name in the industry, and he still has fans from his past days as a musician.


Omar Yunes’ Win of the Global Award in the Best Franchisee of the World Competition was not Just Personal but a National Pride

Last year’s Best Franchisee of the World competition saw Sushi Itto’s Omar Yunes’ flag rise high as he received the award for overall winner worldwide. He received the award in a ceremony was held in Florence, Italy on December 5 last year. He shone in front of representatives who had attended from 34 countries, including Brazil, Hungary, and France among others. Omar Yunes had earlier been declared the winner in the national category.

What the Win Meant

Omar Yunes’ victory could be attributed to the efforts that he had contributed to his work. He diligently grew the Japanese food chain from a single store to 13 units. It is also notable that he had joined the venture at a young age of 21. Receiving the award, Omar Yunes could not hide his joy as he dedicated it to 400 employees working with him. He stated that he was only their representative and thanked Sushi Itto for the opportunity to showcase his innovative capabilities. Sushi Itto’s Chief executive Officer, Benjamin Cancelmo, noted that the win showcased the brand’s ability to offer top customer service and hospitality. Diego Elizarrarra, Mexico’s BFW organizer, noted that the win had put the country’s franchise sector to an international level.

What it took to win

The Best Franchisee of the World competition evaluated the participant’s impact on the network. The awards took into account the efforts that a franchisee had contributed towards revolutionizing the model, regarding knowledge and improvements proposed. Omar Yunes won the award for impacting positive changes in how the model managed its information. He had also influenced the implementation of useful internal control measures that had resulted in a better way of evaluating the units. The second position was held by Ivan Tamer, who had largely contributed to the network adopting a new marketing system. The two had fully satisfied the judges who included representatives from the Mexican Association of Franchises and Universidad Anahuac.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes boasts of remarkable business skills and ability to grow startups. He was able to expand Sushi Itto to other locations in just seven years of running the food chain. These locations include Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. Omar Yunes also has some interest in the real estate sector.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Orchestrate Huge Changes in e-Commerce

There is a lot of interest in what Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson are doing with athletic clothing. This trio has created Fabletics, and that has become one of the most popular athletic clothing brands for women.


Kate Hudson is a new part of the equation, but Don and Adam have been doing this for a long time. They are the leaders in athletic clothing, but this duo has been selling clothes to women for years long before Fabletics came into existence.


They were part of the Dream Team for Myspace many years ago, and this was the budding of their friendship and their connection to social media. As time progressed these two would continue to work together and create lots of different opportunities for women to buy products online. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler would put their minds together and come up with Intelligent Beauty.


This would be the entry level for this duo to sell skin care products to women. That would be a successful venture that would generate millions of dollars, but this would only be the start of the eCommerce empire for these two. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg would also find success with companies that put a focus on fitness products for women. It would only be a natural fit, many years later, for these business partners to focus on athletic clothing for women as well.


Fabletics would still be years down the line from the Intelligent Beauty time frame for Don and Adam. In between intelligent Beauty and Fabletics Don and Adam would create one of the most successful e-commerce businesses for clothing for women.


They would bring forth a very exciting company call JustFab. Eventually JustFab would transition into Tech Style. This name change would represent a greater focus on how technology was incorporated into the e-commerce industry for clothing. Don and Adam would have their hands in many things, but JustFab would become their most successful endeavor. This would be the company that would make these entrepreneurs stand out as a true force in the clothing industry for women. Fabletics, with the strong line of athleisurewear clothing for women, would serve as icing on the cake to a clothing empire in the e-commerce arena. Ladies would become very excited about this addition to the changes in the e-commerce environment that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have orchestrated over the years.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618