William Saito Emerges as a Renowned Entrepreneur by Embracing Technology

Passion has been a great contributor to the success of many individuals. As for William Saito, he has been able to emerge as a successful entrepreneur thanks to expounding on his passion from a tender age. As a cybersecurity expert, William Saito started out as a young fellow who showcased an interest in math and science. As a result, his teacher recommended that young Saito should get a personal computer so as to expound on his passion. Since William Saito had a passion for software, he also enrolled at a particular company for an internship while he was ten years old. Further, into his life, he also founded a software firm while still in college. The software firm was eventually known as I/O Software. Since the company was software oriented, they mainly came up with authentication tools such as fingerprint sensors. However, William Saito later sold I/O Software to Microsoft in 2002. Nevertheless, William Saito has various achievements to boast of such as being accorded the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the year 1998.


Background Data

William Saito was born and raised in Walnut, CA. Walnut, CA is just a drive away from Silicon Valley which is a technology hub of some sort. Silicon Valley was gaining recognition in the 1970s and 1980s due to the various technological advancements. As for William Saito, he followed suit, and he developed a passion for technology. Since personal computing was becoming the next big thing, William Saito’s passion towards software and programming would see him through his journey to success. Nevertheless, although William Saito is a Japanese-American entrepreneur born to Japanese parents in the United States, he had a difficult time mastering English. However, this did not hinder him from pursuing his dreams.


More about William Saito

Far from being a technology enthusiast, William Saito is also an author. William Saito is the author of the book known as An Unprogrammed Life. In his book, he narrates his escapades as a child. He narrates that he even tried to crack copy-protection software just for amusement purposes while in his fifth grade. Also, as a technology enthusiast, William Saito also had a considerable interest in comprehending how various technological gadgets operated. All in all, William Saito, in turn, settled for software and programming as his primary areas of focus. Currently, William Saito has emerged as a revered entrepreneur whose success came from embracing technology.