Regional Banking vs National Banking: Which Is Better For You

The banking industry is very competitive as well as demanding. When you hear the word bank, what names tend to come to mind? More than likely, most people will answer with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank and others of similar status. These are all considered to be national banking institutions. On the other hand, regional banking is a bit smaller than its larger counterparts, but regional banking has closed the gap on the types of services it offers. Just about any business solution a national bank provides can be duplicated by regional banks. Innovative technology is the name of the game, and it’s being used to the fullest in the exclusive banking industry.

NexBank Capital is the perfect example of this transformation as it has become a leading financial center in the Southeastern U.S. NexBank is located in Dallas, Texas, and it is revolutionizing the way people do banking. Though it specializes in commercial, mortgage and investment banking, this center provides many other financial solutions such as warehouse lending, credit services, agency services, public funds, treasury management, mortgage services, financial institutions and many more. The bank had an estimated $6.4 billion in total assets, which is a big indicator of its success.

CEO John Holt of NexBank Capital attended last year’s Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans. This conference is held by the Texas Bankers Association and 2016 was its 5th anniversary. This conference allows financial leaders, consultants, insiders and advisors a chance to share perspectives and ask questions. Holt served as one of the conference’s panelists. The topic of discussion was “Reinventing Community Banking.” Holt did a wonderful job at his position as participants and panelists united for the evening in hopes for continuous progression into the future.