Dr. Dov Rand Hormonal Balance Specialist

Dr. Dov Rand is the Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in Orange, NJ. Dr. Dov specializes in assisting the mature community of men and women to optimize their aging process thru an offering of services aimed at bringing to an optimum level of hormone, exercise, diet. Not only is it important to balance the three types of optimization of hormones, diet, and exercise, but according to Dr. Rand, there is no magic pill which can do it all. In other words, each layer of optimization is given proper attention and scientific testing in order to weed out unhealthy or irregular practices. Dr. Rand has shown that proper hormone levels at a mature age find two kinds of hormones, good and bad hormones. These two types of hormones either increase or decrease in later years and it is important to bring up the good hormones to their optimum level before the bad hormones take over.

Healthy Aging Medical Centers is focused on helping individuals reach their full potential of overall fitness by checking and bringing to their full capacity all that is deemed good for a proper aging process at full potential. Stress-related and insulin hormones fight against good hormones like DHEA, growth hormone, and thyroid. The proper balance of these good and bad hormones bring about improved vitality, improved vigor less depression, more strength, prevention of cancer and heart disease.

These benefits are a result of bringing back to the body the proper balance of good and bad hormones. Not only does Dr. Dov Rand check the balance of these hormones, but also gives testing to determine any toxic elements have entered the body and cause headaches and other ailments like sore muscles. Dr. Dov Rand sees this work as vital to helping the aging person reach their full potential during the process of aging and helps to balance the three essential activities which bring this about, which is care for hormone levels, proper and frequent exercise as well as proper diet.

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