Gulf Coast Western’s 40 year tradition of impeccable business continues under Matthew Fleeger

Since 2013, Gulf Coast Western and its subsidiaries have acquired a number of oil and gas assets in the southern region of the United States. The reserve specialty company has also added new services to its repertoire through its large ancillary network.

Orange Dome Field

Gulf Coast Western teamed up with Alpine Exploration, an operating joint venture partner, to produce three wells in the Orange Dome oil field in Southeast Texas beginning in 2012. With the wells producing at peak potential, the venture proved to be a success. Thought for many years to be depleted, CEO Matthew Fleeger and company saw an opportunity. Leveraging geological and geohysical expertise, the two partners realized what others couldn’t. Recognizing untapped possibilities is a hallmark for Gulpf Coast.

Louisiana and Mississipi Production Purchase

In 2013, the Dallas-based consortium announced yet another prosperous acquisition when it completed the purchase of 13 producing wells with a capacity of 800 barrels a day in three locations: Lake Salvador in St. Charles Parish, Bayou Perot Field in Jefferson Parish, Crescent Field in Iberville Parish, and Verba Field in Jasper. This move proved that Gulf Coast was more than capable of shortening the time between investment and cashflow, all while hedging against drilling risks, and enhancing long-term value.

In a series of subsequent, value adding business moves, Gulf Coast utilized its famed horizontal drilling techniques in Buda Limestone; secured vast land interests in Southern Alabama; initiated well production in the Texas-based Home Run field; and acquired large acreage positions in southern Lousiana.

Since its 1970 founding, Gulf Coast Western has operated on a single premise- to locate, acquire, and develop promising oil and gas assets for its investors. Under current CEO and President Matthew Fleeger’s direction, Gulf Coast is furthering the tradition of overdelivering on its service to others.

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