The Life and Times of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger, the CEO of Gulf Western, also acts as the President and the Director of Gulf Western. While this is his present passion, Matthew Fleeger did not always work in the oil and gas industry.

Born into a family that was rooted and grounded in oil and gas, he chose to study other options during his time in college. Matthew Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University, studying finance and marketing while he would later pursue his BA in business. It would seem that with his father already spearheading the development of Gulf Western that he would be anxious to jump in with both feet, but he wanted to earn his own way and achieve his own goals.

Admirably, he stuck with his programs of study, but he did enter into the oil and gas industry once he graduated college. Matthew Fleeger worked for several companies that are based out of Texas, and eventually he did work with Gulf Western. His father had founded the company over a decade prior to him entering the marketplace. It was here that he would use his finance and marketing skills to aid in the running of these companies and their daily operations.

It was in 1993 that Matthew Fleeger wanted to stretch his wings, and he launched a company called MedSolutions Inc. This company was structured to be a diverse holdings company that would specialize in the transportation and disposal of medical waste. Additionally, the company was also involved with the treatment of medical waste, and over the course of several years, he grew the company into a household name within medical facilities all across the country. Working as the President and CEO of the company, he negotiated a sale to the well-known Stericycle for around $59 million dollars. Today, he is instrumental in growing Gulf Western.

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