Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade: A Leading Brazilian Physician and Entrepreneur

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade recently dominated the headlines by reinventing his exceptional career an accomplished doctor to a seasoned entrepreneur. As a jack-of-all-trades, he has proven to be a force to be reckoned with and no task is too challenging to complete. Born in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba Brazil, the ambitious doctor consistently cultivated his craft to become a leading practitioner in Brazil and beyond.

With over four decades’ worth of experience, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s career has broken down various boundaries and even ventured into the Brazilian car assembly industry, specifically CAOA. Today, the dynamic doctor and physician serves as the Chairperson of the CAOA’s elite Board of Directors.

Having spent ample time as a doctor, Dr. Carlos ventured into entrepreneurship and purchased the Ford Landau from a prominent dealership based in Campina Grande. Even though the dealership was eventually declared bankrupt, he remarkably identified an opportunity from the predicament and subsequently proposed to inherit the bankrupt dealership as an ideal compensation for the recent pre-payment offered.

With the deal closed and signed, CAOA emerged from the ashes and Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade emerged as the company’s Founder with his initials serving as the name. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Carlos progressively learned the ropes of running the new business, and within six years, CAOA had grown to become a leading Ford dealership in Brazil.

The Power of Embracing New Opportunities

With the Brazilian market finally embracing vehicle part importation in 1992, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade didn’t hesitate to optimize on the newly found opportunity. By the same year, CAOA had earned the exclusive rights to import Renault vehicle parts in Brazil and subsequently made Renault a leading brand in the sales import category. Not planning on getting left behind, Renault ultimately decided to establish a local store and reclaim its status as a prominent distributor and importer.

By 1998, CAOA had embraced new partners and turned to Subaru, a Japanese Brand and sales subsequently hit the roof with triple figure sales. Not only that, but CAOA had also extended a lucrative partnership with Hyundai, a South Korean car brand and add up to its ever-increasing portfolio. From the new partnership, CAOA was in a unique position to manage Hyundai’s import and marketing strategies to become a formidable leader in the import category with the Tucson serving as its flagship model.

Business Recognition

Unknown to most people, CAOA has been at the pinnacle of promoting environmental conservation through its green building culture. Formed in 2010, the program embarked on an innovative and environmentally friendly technique tailored at reusing vehicle production waste and participating in the reforestation measures adopted in the Brazilian Midwest. For starters, the company was feted with the “Good doer Company” Award by IstoE Dinheiro for their unrivaled excellence. Alternatively, CAOA was also recognized as the “Most Admired” enterprise by the Carta Capital magazine.

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