The Life and Times of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger, the CEO of Gulf Western, also acts as the President and the Director of Gulf Western. While this is his present passion, Matthew Fleeger did not always work in the oil and gas industry.

Born into a family that was rooted and grounded in oil and gas, he chose to study other options during his time in college. Matthew Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University, studying finance and marketing while he would later pursue his BA in business. It would seem that with his father already spearheading the development of Gulf Western that he would be anxious to jump in with both feet, but he wanted to earn his own way and achieve his own goals.

Admirably, he stuck with his programs of study, but he did enter into the oil and gas industry once he graduated college. Matthew Fleeger worked for several companies that are based out of Texas, and eventually he did work with Gulf Western. His father had founded the company over a decade prior to him entering the marketplace. It was here that he would use his finance and marketing skills to aid in the running of these companies and their daily operations.

It was in 1993 that Matthew Fleeger wanted to stretch his wings, and he launched a company called MedSolutions Inc. This company was structured to be a diverse holdings company that would specialize in the transportation and disposal of medical waste. Additionally, the company was also involved with the treatment of medical waste, and over the course of several years, he grew the company into a household name within medical facilities all across the country. Working as the President and CEO of the company, he negotiated a sale to the well-known Stericycle for around $59 million dollars. Today, he is instrumental in growing Gulf Western.

OSI Food Solutions Doubles Its Chicken Production

The OSI Industries has expanded over the decades to become one of the largest food providers across the globe. The company operates over 65 plants in 17 countries and employs over 20000 people.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions Spain invested 17 million euros in a new capacity production line, that will see chicken products production double from 12000 tons to 24000 tons.

With this expansion, the OSI Industries Spain branch, located in Toledo will produce a total of 45000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products. The new line has created employment for twenty people with the position of development manager also established to develop new products and also improve current products.

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José María del Río, Managing Director of OSI Food Solutions Spain, stated that the demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal has been on the increase. According to the Managing Director, OSI Industries, demand has increased steadily over the past ten years at a six percent rate every year. However, the three past years have experienced an eight percent annual increase. Mr. del Río is positive that demand will continue to rise. He also believes that the company will shape its operations to satisfy the rising number of its customers.

The newly constructed building that houses the production line measures approximately 22,600 square feet. Inside, there is a flexible development kitchen where changing consumer and client needs will be addressed. The building also contains refrigerated rooms, an employee lounge, a supply storage space, a production area and shipping and receiving areas.

The OSI Group is not only proud of its international expansion but also its improved sustainability. The newly created production line uses modern equipment that has reduced the company’s energy consumption by 20%. The plant has incorporated a cogeneration and refrigeration system that enables heat recovery for improved environmental care.

The OSI Industries President and Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald, stated that the expansion in Spain would enable the group to increase its portfolio of products and improve their food service. He expressed his optimism that the company is headed in the right direction. Mr. McDonald is also happy that OSI Group has hired more people and increased the number of products they can offer.

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Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade: A Leading Brazilian Physician and Entrepreneur

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade recently dominated the headlines by reinventing his exceptional career an accomplished doctor to a seasoned entrepreneur. As a jack-of-all-trades, he has proven to be a force to be reckoned with and no task is too challenging to complete. Born in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba Brazil, the ambitious doctor consistently cultivated his craft to become a leading practitioner in Brazil and beyond.

With over four decades’ worth of experience, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s career has broken down various boundaries and even ventured into the Brazilian car assembly industry, specifically CAOA. Today, the dynamic doctor and physician serves as the Chairperson of the CAOA’s elite Board of Directors.

Having spent ample time as a doctor, Dr. Carlos ventured into entrepreneurship and purchased the Ford Landau from a prominent dealership based in Campina Grande. Even though the dealership was eventually declared bankrupt, he remarkably identified an opportunity from the predicament and subsequently proposed to inherit the bankrupt dealership as an ideal compensation for the recent pre-payment offered.

With the deal closed and signed, CAOA emerged from the ashes and Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade emerged as the company’s Founder with his initials serving as the name. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Carlos progressively learned the ropes of running the new business, and within six years, CAOA had grown to become a leading Ford dealership in Brazil.

The Power of Embracing New Opportunities

With the Brazilian market finally embracing vehicle part importation in 1992, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade didn’t hesitate to optimize on the newly found opportunity. By the same year, CAOA had earned the exclusive rights to import Renault vehicle parts in Brazil and subsequently made Renault a leading brand in the sales import category. Not planning on getting left behind, Renault ultimately decided to establish a local store and reclaim its status as a prominent distributor and importer.

By 1998, CAOA had embraced new partners and turned to Subaru, a Japanese Brand and sales subsequently hit the roof with triple figure sales. Not only that, but CAOA had also extended a lucrative partnership with Hyundai, a South Korean car brand and add up to its ever-increasing portfolio. From the new partnership, CAOA was in a unique position to manage Hyundai’s import and marketing strategies to become a formidable leader in the import category with the Tucson serving as its flagship model.

Business Recognition

Unknown to most people, CAOA has been at the pinnacle of promoting environmental conservation through its green building culture. Formed in 2010, the program embarked on an innovative and environmentally friendly technique tailored at reusing vehicle production waste and participating in the reforestation measures adopted in the Brazilian Midwest. For starters, the company was feted with the “Good doer Company” Award by IstoE Dinheiro for their unrivaled excellence. Alternatively, CAOA was also recognized as the “Most Admired” enterprise by the Carta Capital magazine.

Louis Chenevert Comes To Retirement After Helping Companies Net Billions Of Dollars

Speaking on strategies that produce success, Louis Chenevert lists open thinking, relentless focus, elimination of roadblocks and thinking big as staples in his bag of tricks. In his career, Louis Chenevert has overseen giant corporates and left each with admirable accomplishments.

A graduate of the University Of Montreal Business School, and an MBA under his wing, Louis Chenevert has enjoyed an excellent career. With his Degree in Production Management, he landed his first role at General Motors in Canada before transitioning into the aerospace industry.

Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), before joining United Technologies Corporation (UTC). After joining UTC in 2006, as Chairman, Chenevert moved up to be the director in the same year. In 2008, Louis Chenevert was on the move again, this time to become the CEO and president of UTC, succeeding George David. While other companies were moving production into other countries to save on costs, Chenevert, swan upstream by choosing to move all production back home. He argued that cheap labor would mean cheap products. He focused on UTC producing superior products, and production being in the same country would be easier for him to keep an eye on things. In this view, he moved his engineers to Connecticut, and he felt this would improve on efficiency.

Louis Chenevert’s six-year stint at UTC came with notable successes. By the time he retired in 2014, the share price stood at $117, up from $37 in 2008. The F135 engine that he tirelessly worked on with his team acquired a $240 million contract with the U.S Navy. He also oversaw the acquisition of the GOODRICH Corporation during his tenure, which also was also noted for ranking UTC as one of the highly profitable conglomerates in the US.

After his retirement in 2014, Chenevert took time to enjoy his interest and hobbies, as well to the Yale Cancer Center as the Chairman to the Advisory Board. Ten months after his retirement, Louis Chenevert surprisingly took up a position as a Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs. His life reveals a life lesson: nobody is born to be poor. You can be anything you want no matter your past.

Steve Ritchie Expressing Optimism For The Future Of Papa John’s

Papa John’s current Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie recently kicked off what was referred to as “the listening tour”, visiting Papa John’s restaurants throughout the United States and receiving feedback in order to course-correct the company. Ritchie became Chief Executive Officer in 2018, and made a personal statement in which he detailed the steps the company needs to make moving forward. His plan includes implicit bias training, starting a franchise development program designed for minority owners, and launching a foundation which will work with local communities in order to make a positive impact.

Steve Ritchie talked about the tour, and pointed out that he visited stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, and Atlanta, and spoke with people who run the restaurants and with those who work in Papa John’s restaurants, as he believes that they are the center of the business, and that the company would not exist without them. He points out that he listened to people who work in their stores and had tough interactions with customers due to the loss of trust in the company. In addition, he listened to managers talk about the local charities and schools they are supporting in their communities. While he mentions that the conversations were difficult, he believes there is a shared optimism for a fresh start. News about the company’s new commercial can be read here.

Additionally, he states hearing that the company’s teams are more committed than ever to move the company forward. The people working for the company recognize that Papa John’s has always been a bigger entity than one person, and it is comprised of pizza makers, drivers, and store manager, people who are representative of the communities that they serve.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s believes that it is important to acknowledge the need to continue listening and understanding the feedback they receive, and to take the necessary actions in order to build a better company for their team members and their customers. He notes that as Papa John’s continues to strive to become a better brand that is fully rooted in its purpose, the commitment and passion towards the quality of the products and the company will only grow.

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Detailed Information about Freedom Checks

What Are Freedom Checks? Are They Legitimate Investment Opportunity?

If you are an avid investor, we guess that you have heard of them advertised as a lucrative investment opportunity that can yield high returns within a short period. But are they legit? Or are they similar to the scandalous get-rich-quick investment schemes? If you are facing these trepidations, then this post is for you.

What are freedom checks?

This is an investment scheme run by Master Limited Partnerships, a group of US-based corporations that produce, refine, store, or supply oil, timber, minerals, gas, or any other natural resource.

In this investment platform, stakeholders buy units from a given company, and they get a percentage of the company’s profits depending on its financial performance. In fact, this investment scheme functions like the conventional stock dividends. To know more about the company click here.

On average, investors make a profit of 5-9 percent of the money they invest in Freedom Checks. This means that investors who buy more units make huge profits than their counterparts who buy fewer units.

Who discovered the Freedom Checks?

The investment scheme was discovered by Matt Badiali, a renowned geologist with interest in the mining and investment industry. Matt says that he unearthed the investment scheme while conducting his usual geology surveys in principal US-based oil companies.

According to the expert, he diverted his interest in this investment opportunity since most of the companies listed as Master Limited Partnerships are poised to develop swiftly over the next one year.

On that account, savvy investors are likely to generate massive profits as the price of the companies’ units shoots up. Mr. Matt states that some of the companies’ proceeds could shoot up by 39,832%.

Are Freedom Checks a legitimate deal?

Yes, it is a legitimate investment opportunity. The companies who provide this service are registered and regulated as MLPs centered in the United States. The Congress enacted MLPs in 1987.

The corporations are required to create 90% of their revenue from US’ natural resources and pay out a rewarding amount of their proceeds to investors. However, they are not a government program as many people think.


Record Breaking with Ryan Seacrest

Many would say that Ryan Seacrest should be in the Guinness Books of World Records for keeping up his demanding schedule. Producer Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are back on the air and they are getting ready for the record.

All week on the show they are looking to break some world records. Ryan (@ryanseacrest) and the rest of the cast are looking to get their audience as well as hundreds of people passing by to help them set some new records. One of the records they looking to set was for the most people doing the floss dance move at the same time. About 350 people joined in to help with this record. Everyone in attendance had to dance the floss for one minute. The judges were watching to make sure everyone was participating. Ryan Seacrest tried to join along but had trouble dancing and talking at the same time. They ended up breaking the records with 349 people doing the dance outside of the Live studio.

The record-breaking did not stop there. On the Live stage, a team of stunt acrobats tried to break the record for the most basketballs under the leg slam dunks by a team using a trampoline. They had one minute to try to break the record. There was an official judge brought to the Live stage to check out the action. The team was able to set a new world record with 27 baskets in this time. Read this article from about Ryan’s weight loss struggle.

Also this week there were grape stompers trying to set a record as well as a competition for the fastest time of trying to wrap someone up with wrapping paper.

These are some of the record-breaking attempts that happened Live with Ryan and Kelly this week. While Ryan, the owner of Distinction, is very busy and with the show back from its vacation, this was a fun way to get back into the swing of morning talk shows

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“Marc Beer: Incorporate Strategic Plans when Raising Capital Funds “

Renovia has been able to raise more than $42 million, which will be used in helping the company to achieve its intended goals of solving pelvic floor disorders. For some few months, the company has been looking for financial support from well-wishers and healthcare investors who shared its vision of solving pelvic floor disorders to the more than 250 million women around the world. The company, through its Chief Executive Officer, Marc Beer, had decided to venture in this area as there were no other organizations offering the necessary technology to reverse the trends in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders.


The fundraising strategy was done through various phases with each phase bringing substantial amounts of money that will have a significant impact on the future of the company. The first phase, which was undertaken in July was able to raise more than $ 25 million, which were in form of equity financing. The recent funding phases brought about $42 million which was a combination of $32 million from health investors and $10 million in venture capital. The company had attracted significantly interested through its fundraising process with some of the organizations with high reputation supporting the process.


One of the companies that were highly involved in the financing process is Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors. These organizations offer technical support to the fundraising process by ensuring that there is enough awareness in the industry for maximum contributions. The companies go further to offer their donations to the event. BayCross Capital Group also played a key role in providing consultancy services and ensuring that Renovia received the best offer, especially when agreeing for venture debt, which the company is expected to pay later after starting its operations.


The Longwood Fund, which is a consolidated hedge fund that invests in healthcare industry contributed a significant amount of money, especially through equity financing, where it will own a significant share of the company. Marc Beer proved to be a reliable expert by pulling other reliable companies such as Inova Strategic Investments, Western Technology Investment, OSF Ventures, and Cormorant Asset Management among others so that they could provide sufficient funds for the growth of the new venture. The funds raised, either through equity financing or through debts will assist the company in performing more clinical trials for future commercial launches of the products.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Inc., a technology-based company that is offering solutions to pelvic floor disorders. The experienced executive has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years, which means that he understands the nitty-gritty of this industry. Marc has unmatched knowledge in the development and marketing of biotechnological devices that are used for both diagnostic tests and treatment. Learn more:

A Brief History of Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group

A Brief History of Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a unique asset management firm headquartered in the United States. Despite its humble start as a small firm, the group has persistently grown to a giant organization managing a global portfolio of key companies in the telecommunication, clean energy, hospitality artificial intelligence, and financial industries.

When was it founded?

Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. The group’s co-founders were able financial experts in chief investment and financial service providers like BlackRock Financial Management, Goldman Sachs, and UBS.

During that period, the investment firm focused on New York and Toronto’s real estate markets. Within the first five years, its assets grew rapidly from $400 million to over $3.9 billion. Later on, it diversified its investment portfolio to hedge funds and debt securities.

The present-day Fortress Investment Group

Presently, Fortress Investment Group is a giant investment company that serves its clients in Asia, United States, Europe, and other countries around the world. It collaborates with an experienced team of experts who specialize in:

  • Capital markets
  • Running mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset-based capitalizing
  • Management of physical and financial assets
  • Investing in highly complex investment vehicles

Fortress Investment Group’s Team of Executives

Fortress Investment Group runs under the management of Wes Edens, the co-founder, Peter Briger, the co-chairman, Randal Nardone, the co-founder, Daniel Neal, the chief financial officer, and Marc Furstein, the managing director.

Fortress Investment Group’s Accomplishments

The company has diversified into other fast-growing investment vehicles that have expanded its asset worth. In 2007, the company purchased one of the largest ski resort operator serving North America and Canada. In the same year, IPO honored it as the first private equity to be traded of NYSE.

In 2010, Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group acquired American General Financial Services, Logan Circle partners, and Mount Kellet. In 2015, the company ventured into Cryptocurrency, a new but rapidly growing investment vehicle.

Despite its humble beginning, FIG has grown to one of United States’ companies managing assets worth billions of dollars. In 2017, Softbank bought the investment group. However, it remained under the management of able executives like Wes Edens, Nardone, and Bridger.