The Fight to End Citizens United Continues to Be an Uphill Battle

Citizen’s United has already had a major impact on politics and will likely remain a controversial decision for a long time to come. End Citizens United and political organizations continue the fight to find legal ways to overturn the ruling. Many corporations represent multi-national interests. End Citizens United also claims the ruling allows for secret money laundering. Independent spending, unchecked, can corrupt the political process. Influence and loyalty are the elements that largely impact the realm of politics.

For the past ten years, at least, Americans have lived in an environment where big money corporate donors determined the fate of elections. For the most part, it is beyond the real understanding of most Americans how large companies and dark money can influence the outcome of elections. End Citizens United hopes to change the narrative. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

It is also no secret that the problem of big money in politics is at an all-time high and concern. The fact that money can determine the outcome of an election gives those with the money an advantage. Thus, when campaign laws fail to put such things in check, the republic is in danger of failing to corporatism. Data-based campaigns are responsible for much of the power that big corporations and dark-money sources wield. PACs control and dominate a lot of advertising campaigns.

It was in 2010 that the Supreme Court ruled against prohibiting labor unions, corporations, and other entities from making financial contributions to candidates in office, or running for office. The Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting such contributions would be a violation of the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

The Court’s ruling overturned a bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which limited the amount of individual political contributions and the ability of corporations to provide money for political advertising. The act was called the McCain-Feingold Act. The ruling also overturned the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission tipped the scales in favor of corporations. Among those most involved in the fight are End Citizens United Democrats laboring to enact laws on campaign refinancing.

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