Victoria Doramus:Information including Education, World Life, and Battle of Alcohol

Victoria Doramus serves a recovery expert with focus on giving back to the community of hers. She’s a professional in areas of print and digital media, she also has preference for the creative. Doramus contains giant background in the areas of branding, advertising, communication, and media. She is always seeking ways to mix these fields. For her education, she went to the University of Colorado located in Boulder. She got a degree in subjects of mass communications along with journalism.

Victoria Doramus, a trends experts, creative marketer and a philanthropist, has had struggle with addiction of alcohol and drugs. However, after she hit a tough position she overcame troubles and gained strength. When she was twenty-six in 2011 she had gone to rehab in location of Tucson, Arizona. In that time she wasn’t aware of the addiction. However, after she realized that her life wasn’t manageable she had difficulty looking for her way back after yielding to cocaine and Adderall. She had taken up forty-five days at the facility in Sierra, Tucson. She then left to return to LA living with modern equipment and experience on herself. However, this was without the right comprehension that she had a disease and that it would be a struggle of a life that we need a lot of work to get through.

Something Doramus believes is that you can’t get sober by yourself. Her objective was to form an environment an environment constructed on responsibility that’s firsthand and fellow accountability. Also she believes that addiction isn’t any more about the alcohol and drugs. Those were symptoms of an issue bigger than her. The moment she figured out that to get a new life she would have to stop attempting to command the result. The biggest issues she has in remaining sober is keeping sobriety that’s emotional.


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