Since Its Formation, End Citizens United Is Determined To End Heavy Spending In An Election

The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision on a case touching on End Citizens United and F.E.C marked the start of a long journey to freedom. In that case, one party was arguing that it is very wrong for a candidate or a political party to spend huge sums of money in an election. This organization felt that is not only wrong but also makes one lack the moral authority. However, many years after the ruling, there has been fierce but healthy competition whenever America goes to an election. A good example is 2016 when presidential campaigns saw casino magnets spend millions of dollars to stand in solidarity with one of their own.

Nearly five years after the U.S. Supreme court ruling, End Citizens United was formed. The aim of forming this group was to show the world that indeed, citizens can unite. Yes, they can unite and form a strong coalition that can topple those with big money. Speaking during the formation of End Citizens United on March 1, 2015, the director said that their money does not come from a few individuals who have the money but from small donations. “End Citizens United is for the common people. It belongs to them. They are committed to seeing that even pro-reform candidates whether with or without the money, they will also be part of the government. Doing that does not require us to have a lot of money from one or a few individuals. We can get the money from a majority of the people have common interests,” said Richard Carbo who is also the group’s Communications Director.

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Just three months after launching End Citizens United, the group had collected $2 million from well-wishers who were determined to see leaders who subscribe to their ideologies elected. As if this was not enough, Richard said that the organizations would look into injecting an additional $25 million or even $30 million because the people had shown goodwill.

Hitherto, this organization has been behind the election of many Democrat candidates. This money has not been received well by Republicans who feel that the spending is excessively much.

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